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  1. R

    3.9 Oil Pressure Gauge

    Hello. I want to fit an Oil Pressure gauge to my 95 3.9 Discovery 1 I have found the pressure switch at the top of a tube shape casting above the filter. Is it possible to screw a Tpiece into the pump as there doesn’t look enough space? Thanks in advance PS Oil Temp would be nice too.
  2. R

    Flexi pipe exhaust on 200tdi

    I saw a bloke at billing this weekend with a fully tricked up tray back 90, not road legal. His motor sounded great, his was a 300tdi. The exhaust he head was the exhaust down pipe from the manifold and then it went straight into flexi pipe and out of the side of the body. No back boxes...
  3. D

    TD5 strange values in oil pressure

    Hello everyone! I come here for help, because I'm going crazy. I'm trying to finish restoring a Defender TD5 2005 and the oil pressure is very strange. When the Defender is cold in the morning, pressure reaches 85psi easily at idle, if I press the accelerator a little it can reach 115psi and...
  4. C

    Another Freelander TD4 for the pyre!

    Any help please would be greatly appreciated!!! I run a small MOT station near Croydon in Surrey & took on a Freelander to mend with a problem. I have now got out of my depth with it & would welcome either some advice/comfort & consolation/matches, or all three. The reported fault was...
  5. D

    Pressure Washing the Engine Bay?? Good or Bad??

    I want to know whether I can pressure wash my SIII engine bay?? I've been told I can, just soak her in degreaser first then blast away... But are there any bits I should avoid/cover up to avoid damage??
  6. M

    TD5 Fuel Pressure Gauge

    After years of outguessing Td5 fuel pump and/or fuel pressure regulator problems finally came up with a gizmo to measure live fuel pressure. In the past I had rigged up a mechanical pressure gauge (glicerine type) but for obvious safety reasons it could be only used in static mode (driveway...
  7. karona

    Oil Pressure & Temperature Gauges

    Hi All Has anyone any experience of fitting a sandwich plate between the oil filter and housing to attach a oil pressure and temperature sender. There seems to be loads available on the likes of fleabay (item 120544342021) for example. Reason being, I think I have decent V8 engine in my disco...
  8. J

    UK Auto box blowing cooler

    OK, so you'll all take the mick, but I bought a 90 with a 4.6 V8 auto on ebay - yes, wine was involved. Whenever I use low ratio (even for a short time) I am presented with a newly decorated engine bay as the auto fluid seems to over pressurise and has blown pipes and the cooler itself. Any...
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