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  1. T

    No 2 wheel drive

    This is the first time I’ve done this so here goes! I have just purchased a series 3 2.25 diesel sort wheel base 1976 I took it out for a test drive no problems all drives like it should. I tried it in low range and that seams fine, moving red lever back Putting it back into high, red leaver...
  2. C


    I have a rrs 2.7 tdv6 Firstly I was aiming to change the timing belt today. Off I go stripping the from Viscus fan a pain to removed to got it done Time for the aux belt all OK In here taking all the pullies off...... (thinking) not to bad Last pully to remove on the alternator bracket 1x 13...
  3. samroberts11

    04 Freelander TD4 auto kickdown/acceleration problems

    Hi all, Been a while since posting on here but hoping someone can help! My girlfriend and I are looking to buy a TD4 Freelander to replace our failing k series! We went to see a TD4 auto Freelander HSE with 118,000 miles on the clock last weekend. All seemed fine until we went for a test...
  4. D

    SIII gearbox woes

    Hi, new user, sorry if this has been asked before I did some searching but couldn't find anything relating to my specific problem. I have an ex military SIII which (apart from a list as long as my arm of things that don't work) the gearbox has very recently decided to stop selecting 3rd and...
  5. D

    Auto Transmission help?

    I have just bought a 98 discovery V8 Auto from a council tender with no keys, Its only got 100,000 kms on it and once i got it running the engine was an amazing runner for something thats sat for 14 months, fired immediatly and ran up to temperature fine. Problem is the auto trans wont engage...
  6. roger@smith676.

    Wierd Electrical Problem

    I have a very strange problem, when I turn on my lights the rear window wiper goes on as well. Without the lights on the rear wiper switch works as normal!!!!! Can anyone help???:(
  7. V

    3 Series heater plugs burn out

    Hi, I am the newbie Series 3 109 2.25 diesel Land Rover owner from Latvia (one of few in my country i think) and i am short of advice on technical meters. So the problem is: Spark plugs burn out frequently( did it 3 times ). I thought the problem was plugs heating not switching off correctly...
  8. belti90

    Freelander 2 starting problems

    Hi, I've been having alot of trouble with my Freelander 2 2007 model the past couple of months. My car is randomly not starting. I insert the key, press the clutch and nothing happens. All the dials and checks start as normal but the car doesnt start. First time I didn't know about it and had...
  9. S

    TD5 Alarm problem

    Hello I am new to the forum and new to Land Rovers and Discoverys, I have bought a 1999 TD5 for the expected bad winter this year. I have had it a couple of months with no real problems apart from a cracked indicator that filled up with water until it stopped working and the battery went...
  10. R

    freelander -- gearbox or ird??

    struggling with this one.. freelander 2000 model.. 1.8 manual.. propshaft to rear removed . about a month ago , driving along merrily .. pulled up to stop street , put it into first and heard a loud thunk! no more drive . got the car home.gear selection is fine.. put it in first , release the...
  11. Alolex

    Fuse keeps blowing when I lock/unlock the car

    Hi everyone, I've just joined the forum as I've finally needed to ask for some advice on my series 1 discovery. Its got a new (2 days old) locking problem - The central locking fuse keeps blowing! With a new fuse, the doors (all of them, all actuators in the doors seem to be functional) will...
  12. Scoot66

    How Do I? Td5 disco ACE problem

    Desperately need help please. ACE system started with a leak. Wife let the oil run down and burnt the pump out! Replaced the leaking pipes (rear) and pump. Cleaned out Valve block filter. Started engine and pressure keeps blowing more holes in the pipes. Have 4 kids, no money but plenty of...
  13. a1mac

    Rear Bench Seats

    I've just bought a rear bench seat for my 90 from Britpart. It comes in 2 parts: The back and bottom (that bolt together). There's also a metal bracket thing that comes with it. It looks as if it slips into somewhere, but I've got no idea where. Has anybody bought this item, and fitted it...
  14. a1mac

    Fitting Stereo in Ninety

    I've bought all the gear to fit a stereo into my 90. I've bought an autoleads universal ISO bracket to hold my stereo (which i got from an old discovery). The problem is, the stereo fits loosely into the bracket (it has no cage or anything, it's just a bare stereo) What do i need? Thanks...
  15. P

    Very hot transmission tunnel by drivers leg

    Hello all. I have just bought a 2001 Discovery II XS, Manual, 87000 miles. after driving for about 20 miles the transmission tunnel next to the driver's leg gets extreamley hot, almost burn your hand on the plastic. I have scoured Google to find out what it could be with no success. It seems...
  16. F

    dipped headlights problem

    Hi there ladies and gents. I hope you guys can give me some pointers. My 98 defender 110 has developed a fault with the dipped head lights. The dim dipped lights work, however when i flick the switch to headlights (dipped) the headlights go out completely. The main beam works however...
  17. jello

    Freelander Soft top and Roofbars dont mix well

    Hi As being new to the forum I wish to say hello to all. I have recently removed my hard top on my Freelander and replaced it with the soft top. I decided to put back the roof bars and I then couldnt close the soft top. I have searched everywhere for an adjustment to some how lower the soft...
  18. P

    2.5 N/A will not stop running !!!

    have fitted a new solinoid when you switch on I have checked and there is a spark and the plunger opens you start her up -- ok switch off --- she keeps going !!! pull the wire off the solinoid --- she stops dead no spark if you touch terminal !! so every thing appears to...
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