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  1. H

    Expired FTC3922 - R380 to Rover V8 Bellhousing

    As in the title. Needed for 3.9EFi into Defender conversion. Thanks
  2. S

    Engine Excahnge from 2.5 n.a. with R380 to 300 tdi

    Hello there, i am new to the forum and i have been reading up about engine exchanges for the last 2 days. I have a 1995 EX Mod 2 door 110 with a 2.5 l n.a. engine with a R380 gearbox. i would like to change over to a 300 tdi engine. this is what i have found out so far and please tell me if i...
  3. Bigbananafeet

    R380 Difficult to select 2nd, notchy 2nd gear change then sudden vague gear change.

    Thought I'd share give something back to a forum that's helped me more than a few times. If this info helps anyone out I'll be happy. I have been suffering from the issues described in the thread title for some time with my MY2000 TD5 Hardtop. For a long, long time selecting second gear was...
  4. P

    Do I have a gearbox problem

    Hi, I just bought a '95 V8 Discovery. The engine runs like a clock. I can't get the Disco to move. Shifting gears and moving between Lo and Hi feels like positive shifts but no power gets transferred from the engine to the gearbox. The the transfer box and the gearbox engage on the driveshaft...
  5. spirals

    Hot gearbox / transmission tunnel on long journeys - is this normal?

    Hi, I've vaguely noticed (and expected) some warmth from the gearbox tunnel on long journeys. Recently though I noticed it HOT rather than warm. It was about 20 degrees outside, I'd driven 3 hours at a steady 60-65 and could barely keep my hand against the (insulated) tunnel inside the cab...
  6. Matt_300tdi90

    R380 and LT230 rebuild

    I am almost 100% certain that i have the common mainshaft wear problem, i get a clonk on every gearchange and sometimes when i lift off the throttle, this is even worse at slow speeds. So i want to rebuild the gearbox and thought it would be a good idea to rebuild the transfer box at the same...
  7. H

    R380 or LT77 Tunnel?

    Hello! I have an 1989 110 County. A few years ago the original engine/gearbox was replaced by a 300TDi and R380 Gearbox by the previous owner. At the same time, I am told (but can't be sure) that the seat box and some 'other' bits were replaced I am about to buy some new front mats, and need...
  8. lvdxd00

    How Do I? v8 engine in to td90

    I have seen a 1994 disco v8 manual for sale locally and was wondering would the engine connect to my gearbox's bellhousing or would I need to change the bellhousing? Or could I use the bellhousing from the disco The disco is a 1994 model, so is that the R380 box? Could I use that too? Cheers
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