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  1. C

    discovery 2 2002 top radiator hot, bottom cold

    Hello, On my Discovery 2, 2002 top of the radiator is hot, bottom is cold (not cooler than the top, but literally cold) after any time of driving. Same for coolant hoses - bottom one coming from the radiator into the thermostat is cold, top ones hot and pressurized. Not swelling but fairly...
  2. Richie_asg1

    Flushing Radiators and cleaning

    I read this and thought it may interest others. - Patent for cleaning automotive radiators. I thought I would spend the £5 on a rad flush product, but would probably need to do it again, and again, so that is about £15 of my money I was about to flush :flushed: But as I was buying Oxalic acid...
  3. C

    Td5 Coolant System Pressurised - Radiator Cold but Top Hose Hot - Temp+Heater Normal

    Hi all I'm having problems with my 1999 Td5 Disco's cooling system which I can't seem to fix, (or diagnose correctly for that matter) The symptoms include a build up of excess pressure that causes the top hose to swell and become very hard and not easy to squeeze at all. Even after being...
  4. Pollywog

    TD4 expansion bottle water flow

    Hi guys, My dad had a look at a facelift model Freelander 1 TD4 the other day and has a quick question, when he took the cap off the radiator expansion bottle he noticed water spurting / flowing into the bottle from the top hose when the engine was running, is this normal? Thanks in advance,
  5. M

    How Do I? Radiator top up

    Hi, I've a LR Freelander 2001, 2.5 V6 Petrol, semi automatic Please guide me how to top up the radiator as my coolant bottle gets empty as soon as I start the car and leave it idle for about 10 minutes and both the fan starts, the coolant goes back to normal after the engine is switched off. I...
  6. C

    disco 1 - Replacement parts

    hi there i was wondering if anybody knows a good place to get replacement parts for a disco 1 petrol 3.9l v8, i have recently purchased this car (IT WAS BARGAIN), and of course there were bound to be a few things wrong with it. As yet the lanny isn't drivable due the rad being completely...
  7. C

    v8 Disco - Radiator Problem

    hello all, this is my first time on the website and would like to get involved from the start. i have recently bought a 1996 land rover 3.9L V8, it was a bargain. there are a couple of things wrong with it. the exhaust needs a bit of work doing to it, but the main problem is the radiator...
  8. C

    dashboard temp sensor not working

    hi all. Can someone tell me how i can check that the radiator temperature sensor is working as the needle in the dahsboard doesnt move at all and i have a feeling it doesnt work. is there any way to test it, and if so where is it? the car is a disco 1 300 but with a 200 engine fitted in it...
  9. sameuinton

    why is my Defender radiator cold?

    I've noticed that my 300TDi Defender radiator is cold, even after a twenty mile drive with a horse trailer on. Temp gauge reads normal except for two minute-long episodes in the last year when it just touched "hot". Top hose and expansion tank are hot. Engine runs fine, not losing coolant. I...
  10. T

    Automatic gearbox problem

    Hi Just started to have a probmlem with gear shifting on my V6 Freelander 2001 automatic It suddenly changes gears very rough, somtimes with a "bang" does not happen when driving in 1 and 2 but when in 4 or D. It does not happen all the time, but equally when shifting up and down. Any idea?
  11. D

    radiator conversion

    hi all i have another question for you all. i have a 300tdi es auto. im looking at removeing my viscous fan and fitting an electric one as a belt and braces set up. i want to fit a thermastatic swith to it, any ideas what car i can get one from as i dont want the old girl wont boil up on...
  12. Geobloke

    Radiator Muff On A Budget

    Right then winter is upon us once again and I got to thinking about helping my defender 200tdi heat up quicker and therefore getting more heat quicker in to the cab. The most obvious way to do this is to restrict the amount of cold air flowing through the radiator so hot water is re-circulated...
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