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  1. R

    Sat nav etc

    Hi guys Very new to this so apologies if this has been answered in a separate thread but have recently purchased a Range Rover Sport autobiography 2012. I'm loving it so far, however the infotainment system is extremely hit and miss. It's a coin toss on whether it works or not. I'd say 20% of...
  2. Shuggies

    Stock Radio.

    Hi all, I’m looking for a Visteon 6500 radio head unit ( original with code ) for my TD5. Any help or guidance where to source one would very much appreciated.
  3. C

    Double din radio

    Hello, I have a defender 2002 Td5, I am wanting to put a double din radio in with a screen, what’s the best/cheapest way to complete this? Many thanks
  4. Richie_asg1

    Ideas for Cubby box radio

    I don't think I can go soft top this year as other things are getting in the way - like work on the project :rolleyes:, but what I will need when going soft top is a change to the radio as at the moment it is a standard tape player and 4" speakers mounted on the hard top roof. I would like to...
  5. J

    Electrical problem. Help please

    Hi. I am new to the forum and had my first land Rover less than a year. Hoping someone can help? I have a 2001 Defender 110 SW TD5. The clock, interior lights, radio and hazard flashers have all stopped working although the indicators work as normal as long as the hazard switch is not on. The...
  6. J

    Radio Turns of by itself

    I have a Landrover Discovery 4. When I open the car with the remote the radio switches on for a second or two then off. It's only just started doing this. Anyone know why it would do that? Cheers.
  7. L

    General Freelander ISO Wiring Colours

    Hi Guys just replaced my original Landrover Radio Cassette player with a cheap CD MP3 Bluetooth one and had to rewire the harness to fit (too tight to by an adapter as the radio came with ISO leads) I thought this might help someone else to know where all the wires go. Plug A (ISO) Orange/Pink...
  8. G

    No mid range sound from the Radio/CD on a 2004 TD4 HSE

    Hello, We have just brought a 2004 HSE Td4. The radio has no mid-range sound or noise from the door speakers. The sub and tweeters all work fine and the head unit appears to be in full working order. Therefore I am lead to think the under seat amplifier has packed up. It there an in-line fuse...
  9. C

    Tachograph - where to put it ?

    Good evening gentlemen I am having to have an analogue tachograph installed in my 1995 defender. I have noticed plenty if unused space on the central console (where the radio is) that would be a good place. Can anyone recommend a replacement central console that would take the tacho, my...
  10. T

    Heater Wiring problem - help please

    Morning everyone Back in Japan after a while in the UK and while I've been gone my heater fan has stopped working :(. I applied 12V to the fan motor directly and it spins fine:). I've checked all the fuses so I guess it has to be a wiring problem somewhere? My Landy is a 1994 3.5 V8 carb...
  11. G

    Sound system D3 not working

    Help - new to forum. My D3 (2007) has developed a strange problem; switch the car on and radio appears on with stations etc but no audio comes out. Drive for about 20 minutes and a message flashes up "Phone disconnected" then a few minutes later it turns on and all is OK. Turn the engine...
  12. a1mac

    Fitting Stereo in Ninety

    I've bought all the gear to fit a stereo into my 90. I've bought an autoleads universal ISO bracket to hold my stereo (which i got from an old discovery). The problem is, the stereo fits loosely into the bracket (it has no cage or anything, it's just a bare stereo) What do i need? Thanks...
  13. a1mac

    CB Radio - Confused

    I am 17, and own a 1988 Land Rover Ninety Hardtop. I am planning on fitting a CB Radio and don't entirely understand how they work, and hwo to fit/use them. Could anybody be so kind as to explain in detail everything about CBs please? Thanks, Alex McD.
  14. lvdxd00

    Raptor Dash

    Will one of these fit a series 3 dash? Or is there one like it that does? I have a radio mount but its a bit small and I would like to fit some worry dials and maybe a CB. Cheers Dave
  15. L

    how do i in put radio code for my LR 98

    am Luis from chicago I just but my LR Discovery but the radio is lock i have the code wich is 5 numbers and the radio takes only 4 to on lock it but i dont know how pu thr in, olso the code has a number 7 and my radio has only numbers from 1 to 6 how do i put number 7? thks in advance.:)
  16. S

    what is the speaker size in a 02 freelander

    does anyone know what the speaker size is for a 2002 freelander. Also, my bass stopped working and i have tried taking out the radio thinking that it was a loose wire but it everything was connected so does that mean that its the speakers or do i possibly need a whole new deck? can anyone help me?
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