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  1. H

    Air con l322 šŸ˜©

    Hi all, recently purchased my dream car, RR vogue SE A 3.6 TDV8. Absolutely lovely to drive and got it for a bargain price, only issue Iā€™m finding is the A/C. Had it gassed up as it was empty, no leaks etc detected, after about a month the drivers side vents donā€™t get cold, passenger side is...
  2. J

    RangeRover 04 l322 complete lockup in ignition barrel

    Hey, every couple of weeks I unlock my motor, put the key in the ignition barrel, it won't turn or do anything, not even unlock the steering wheel, it's been on the diagnostic machine an nothing has showed up that would cause this to happen?? Can anyone help many thanks
  3. H

    Range Rover 2003 HSE 3.0TDV6....

    hey all, sorry if im posting this in the wrong place, first post. ok... picked up my 03 range rover last thursday where i found it to be extremely quiet for a diesel, i would pull up at the lights and think it had turnt off it was that quiet.... but .... after a few days the engine has started...

    Sunroof Jam

    Yesterday I jumped in my P38, started up and pressed the button to tilt the sunroof. The roof sprang into life lifted about half an inch, then there was a loud SNAAAAAP and it dropped back. It won't raise on the passenger side now and has dropped leaving a gap. It will slide fully back, but...
  5. D

    GPS for Balkans

    Have just driven from Ireland through UK, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and am now in Bosnia......SatNav on my 2005 Range Rover only worked until Italy and wonder can I get a new version that includes Balkans, Turkey, etc.??? Is it possible to download this or anyone any idea how to get a...
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