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rear wiper

  1. J

    How Do I? Rear wiper motor install

    Well, I have searched all the threads but no doubt have missed it somewhere.Can someone help with a picture of the rear door (def90) internally as I am trying to work out where and how to fix a rear wiper motor and its associated wiring? I assume the large hole allready on the inside is where it...
  2. S

    Headlights and rear wiper issues

    Good morning everyone , Some times I think that my discovery ( TD5 - 2003) has taken a personal dislike to me as every time I think that I am on top of the problems another one comes along . but to the fault ....:) About a month a go the intermittent windscreen wipers stopped working and...
  3. dumdums

    Rear wiper wiring.

    I've just replaced the rear wiper and used a later motor which I've been told is the correct one for my Defender 90 300tdi 1995 VIN/Chassis number, however the loom connectors do not match. This one I have fitted is: http://www.famousfour.co.uk/images/parts/ff006957.jpg The original motor has...
  4. roger@smith676.

    Wierd Electrical Problem

    I have a very strange problem, when I turn on my lights the rear window wiper goes on as well. Without the lights on the rear wiper switch works as normal!!!!! Can anyone help???:(
  5. S

    Freelander Tailgate Window and Rear Wiper stopped working

    My problem is similar to others posted but not quite the same and I'm hoping someone can shed some light before I start pulling off trim etc. I have a 55 Plate Freelander TD4. I first noticed that the rear wiper wasn't working and then tried the rear window that won't open either. I have normal...
  6. Pollywog

    Rear door window problems

    Hi Guys, My dad has a problem with the rear window of his Freelander. The window has dropped as it does to open the door and now won't go back up again. It now doesn't go up and down when you open / close the door or with the button on the dash. Also as it's stuck down the rear wiper won't work...
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