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  1. L

    Expired I need to find a 109 rear tub long strut

    Hello all, First post on this forum and not sure if it was happy with jpegs or pngs so please forgive the seemingly duplicate posting. By the looks of it, all the other struts can be wire-brushed and painted back to life. This one strut however has been eaten away to almost nothing in places...
  2. wuas680

    Rear Door Padlock Photos Please

    Bit of a random one but if you happen to have any photos of any method employed to better secure the rear door of your trucks it would be very useful for me to aid my decision. I already have a standard padlock hasp installed which is now looking a little rough and whilst I do like the...
  3. M

    Droning noise from rear.

    Just a bit of advice needed. My Freelander has a droning, bearing like noise from the rear. Wasn't too bad when I bought it but getting worse. I have removed the complete propshaft assembly but the noise is still present. Mileage is 174,000 and I have no evidence of the vcu having been changed...
  4. S

    Loud clicking noise at rear for short while after starting

    Hi folks, Just started getting a loud clicking noise from the rear of my 2004 Vogue 4.4. Happens when stationary and lasts for about 10 to 30 seconds right after starting, then stops. After that, never hear it again until next start. No errors or warnings. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  5. T

    Freelander TD4 mk1 - window lift ecu module YWB10012 - possible problem?

    Can anyone shed any light on the operation of the "Window Lift ECU module - part number YWB10012" ?My question is does this part / window lift module (I presume sits under the bonnet and is part of the main ECU control unit) control 'ALL' the window operations in the vehicle?Reason I ask is, my...
  6. L

    Rear Door Wheel Mounting

    I've seen from a previous thread that I need the following parts to strengthen the door and pillar so I can mount the spare on the rear door of my S3: 305232 Plate - door striker (two) 332147 Dovetail for door pillar 332942 Male dovetail - door pillar 332943 Spacer 333140 Striker plate Has...
  7. BrAinZ

    Are the wheels falling off my wagon?

    Hi Guys.. Need a little more advice please. I've had a problem where I have a strange noise/juddering from the rear of my Freelander. Tends to be most noticeable when hard turning left, but also a bit when turning right. The best way I can describe it is as if I was in an old wooden wagon...
  8. P

    Heated rear window

    It seems that the heated rear window in my '96 300tdi 90 has given up. Had a brief poke around with it this afternoon but to no avail. has anyone here had any problems previously with this and if so where is the best place to start? Is it just a case of checking connections, checking out the...
  9. T

    Rear bench seat needed!

    Hi All. Im looking for a rear bench seat for a series. Only need the 1. Must be in good condition, Will pay by paypal, and arrange my own courier. Thanks
  10. T

    Bench seats for series wanted!

    Hi. Looking for a rear bech seat for series land rover. Must be in good condition. I will arrange courier to pick it up if your miles away. Thanks
  11. N

    Defender Rear Step Mounting Query

    Hi I have bought a folding rear step for my Defender 110. I don't have the mounting kit. I know that the step is intended to be mounted to two holes in the rear chassis using M10x20 screws and some packing washers. Currently there is no captive nut in the holes and the holes are hexagonal -...
  12. S

    Why would my 2004 Disco suddenly drop its rear suspension?

    Hi. Im considering spending the £180 Im told is necessary to have the ability to lower the air suspension on my '04 Disco so life is easier for my wife getting kids and buggy etc in and out of the car - however, a few times now randomly the car is on its stops in the morning! Any...
  13. a1mac

    Rear Bench Seats

    I've just bought a rear bench seat for my 90 from Britpart. It comes in 2 parts: The back and bottom (that bolt together). There's also a metal bracket thing that comes with it. It looks as if it slips into somewhere, but I've got no idea where. Has anybody bought this item, and fitted it...
  14. S

    Rear wiper stopped working

    The rear wiper on my wife's 03 Freelander TD4 has stopped working - well, mostly stopped working. I've stripped the rear door down and had a good poke around - all the wires look okay and there is no wear on the wiring loom running from the body to the door. I bought a new (second hand) motor...

    Rear Pads wear - Pressure reduction bias valve needed?

    Defender 90 2.5 200 TDI - 1991 with rear discs. Problem: Rear brake pads worn down after only 10000 miles. When new pads/discs were fitted, the rear locked up during hard braking. Seems to be to much pressure coming from (fairly new) master br. cyl. I want to try fitting an adjustable pressure...
  16. Moreton Landy

    Defender rear step on S3?

    Hi Guys, does anyone know if a Defender rear folding step fits easily on a S3 SWB? Just my 6-year old is really struggling to climb in the back (well, making a meal of it ...) and a step would be really useful! Anyone know where I can get a Series step? Can't find them at Craddocks, Paddocks...
  17. B

    Series II - What's the axle?

    I have a question about a Series II that's been bugging me for a couple of days. It's on a G plate, but being ex military I think it's an early II, rather than a IIa the reg would infer. The splined swivel pins on the front axle would support this assumption. But the puzzle is, it's got a one...
  18. spudboy

    Rear recovery point on 07 110 - Standard x-member strong enough?

    Would it be a good idea to bolt a hitch via the existing 4 threaded captive nuts in the rear cross member of a 2007 110, for use for recovery? There actually seem to be 6 holes with threads there, but the top 4 fit a standard recovery hitch perfectly. If I was to get snatched backwards, am I...
  19. Matt_300tdi90

    Rear Diff

    I have a leak on my rear diff, i will replace the seal but looking on microcat there are all sorts of other small things in the diff, is it worth replacing any of these at the same time? Cheers Matt
  20. Matt_300tdi90

    Folding Side/Rear steps

    How do the folding side steps differ from the folding rear steps and most importantly can a side step fit or be made to fit on the rear? Cheers Matt
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