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  1. G

    DII Facelift Headlamp screw replacement

    Hi all, Went to replace bulbs in the headlamp assembly yesterday. The main screws to remove the lamp assembly (Screw A and B) were seized and it appears that while not freed the captive element is spinning in the moulding with the screw (shown green on the image). I managed to get the...
  2. ER1C


    Is there a way to remove vent handles so I can whip the vent out to perform repairs ? they dont seem to unscrew and I cant get to the bolt holding the vent onto the handle from the outside. LR manual and Haynes dont even mention.
  3. ER1C

    Injector Refurb

    Well 120K miles on the clock and a loss of power on hills I figured its worthwhile looking at the injectors. I took them out and popped them to a local place who tested them and let me watch :) I could see many were far from a fine mist and down on pressure. 180 for a full re-conditioned set...
  4. O

    Front speakers not working!

    Hi, new to this forum stuff so I hope this works :0) My front speakers aren't working in my 2004 TD4 Sport and I'm hoping its not a faulty 6 stack unit! I would like to remove the unit and check speaker connections and there is my first problem how do you get this unit out correctly! Does...
  5. D

    How Do I? How to remove third row seats in Defender 110 (2009 model)

    Hello, Can anyone help me understand how to temporarily remove the third row seats in order to increase cargo space? Thanks, Dorian
  6. T

    Steering Box Output Shaft Seal Removal

    Hi, I have a 99 Land Rover Discover I for which I'm trying to replace the steering box output shaft seals which leak like a sieve. I've got the seal kit. I've removed the pittman arm and dust boot from the shaft but I don't see a circlip. I just see what looks like some rubber coating on a seal...
  7. J

    How Do I? Steering wheel issues, Grrr

    Well Ive had my landy for nearly two weeks so Im a newbie, but this is probably the silliest question I have ever asked about a car, but here goes. The PO had put on a tiny steering wheel that looks like it is from a metro or a mini. He had hulk-like biceps and was rather pot-bellied and this...
  8. R

    Disco 300 electric driver's seat switch

    Hi all, I'm sure this is a silly question , but will someone tell me how to remove the driver's seat electric switch. On the plastic housing, there are 2 slots on the underside, but I can not seem to be able to remove the housing . Do I need to remove the actual switch covers first? Someone's...
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