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  1. clarkster

    Body Cappings - Tub to Capping seal. Sealant etc

    I have a set of powder coated cappings about to be secured to Dorothy. The old ones look like orange swiss cheese. Of course few of the b*&£$£" holes line up but then I expected that. I'll have to decide whether to use the existing holes in the tub/body or drill new holes through the capping...
  2. L

    Front Diff Seal? Idea's?

    Hi folks, if anyone has any further idea's I'd appreciate them. Out of the blue a day ago, my disco1, 300tdi, Manual, started juddering/vibrating. :eek:. This seems to be happening only when driving and in gear, so not an engine issue. Not really noticable in 1st, a little in second, loads in...
  3. S

    Water Ingress/Leak From Rear Roof Area????

    Gents, I have located my leak, It seems to be coming from a seam that is located under a rear trim panel. I have posted photos and numbered them in order. The last photo show where the water ends up in the fuse area. Any help or ideas of where the water could be getting it would be very...
  4. B

    Brake or axle problem? - advice needed please...

    Please bear with me it's a bit of a tale but you need all the facts... The other day we were driving along in our 1994 Discovery 300TDi at about 30mph when there was a really nasty graunchy mechanical sound which seemed to come from the rear (outside) somewhere - I thought the rear exhaust...
  5. Poulton

    Wet Drivers Side Footwell

    Hi, had this problem for quite a while and looked at it back in last spring but didnt get around to looking in to it further.. The drivers side footwell carpet is soaking. Passanger side is ok, so im thinking it cant be the heater matrix. Tested sunroof & door seals and no leaks there, and...
  6. T

    Steering Box Output Shaft Seal Removal

    Hi, I have a 99 Land Rover Discover I for which I'm trying to replace the steering box output shaft seals which leak like a sieve. I've got the seal kit. I've removed the pittman arm and dust boot from the shaft but I don't see a circlip. I just see what looks like some rubber coating on a seal...
  7. Satancom

    Repair Guide Diff Pinion Oil Seal

    Replacing the diff pinion oil seal on a rover axle is fairly straight forward, however removing the old oil seal turned into a bit of a mission for me, which is where having a SII diff became an advantage. First step is to remove the front prop,if you have free wheeling hubs you can disengage...
  8. Matt_300tdi90

    Rear Diff

    I have a leak on my rear diff, i will replace the seal but looking on microcat there are all sorts of other small things in the diff, is it worth replacing any of these at the same time? Cheers Matt
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