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  1. F

    Manual seats to electric

    Hi. My freelander drivers seat has the back frame of the seat poking through the foam. I am looking at replacing the seat. I have found some on eBay that look reasonable but they are electric (movement and heated). My question is will these fit inside my car ok as mine are fully manual...
  2. D

    RRS seats

    So, This has probably been asked and answered a million times but I’m finding it hard to lock down an answer. I have a 2012 RRS, and I’m looking to put 3rd row/jump seats in. LR dealers won’t do it as LR say that they won’t support any after market mods. Has anyone done this successfully? I’m...
  3. S

    Disco 2 - swapping passenger and driver seats

    I have just bought a 2001 Discovery 2 that has a rather knackered drivers seat - rips and tears and damaged foam. I have looked everywhere for a replacement from seat or even an OEM cover and foam set but couldn't find anything - but I have found a good condition matching passenger seat. Has...
  4. W

    Expired Discovery 200tdi rear seats for 3 door. Sussex/ Surrey

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent full set of rear seats with belts and all fixings for a 200tdi/ Discovery 1. Preferably in brown cloth rather than blue, but I can't be choosy at this point. I'll happily do any unbolting, I'm near Haywards Heath but will travel if anyone's got a decent dead Disco...
  5. O

    Series III Rear Seats and Belts - HELP!!

    Just bought my first Land Rover, a 1978 Series III 88' 2.25L Diesel - new to Land Rovers and new to vintage so any advice is gratefully received!! I'd like to put bench seats or individual seats in the back with seat belts. The bench seats (320737) appear to be cheap enough at about £35 each...
  6. J

    Seat Covers

    Hi Guys Any suggestions on where to get the best seat covers for my TD5, really after brown to match the interior, and just the drivers seat. Many Thanks Jimers
  7. Bigbananafeet

    Replacing my worn seats

    Front seats in my 110 hardtop TD5 are very worn, drivers is burst completely. Thing is I don't wanna spend an arm and a leg and despite much drooling over the exmoor trim website it't just not gonna happen. I like the look of the XS style seats. The green inner would match my paintwork etc and...
  8. impstar

    Series seats

    Knelt on drivers seat other day and 'twang' all springs gone plus covered in layer of mould so looking for some new seats for the front. 88" series 3. Sams trim look appealing to the wife but cost........ Anyone got some old but ok seats they wish to shift or any ideas on what vehicle I...
  9. J

    Disco 2 Seats

    I need a set of leather seats for my disco 1 300tdi which are becoming hard to find in good condition, its seems that there is a lot of disco 2 leather seats available? how easy is it to fit D2 seats to D1???
  10. L

    How Do I? Seats

    Someone told me that Ford Transit seats will fit into the second row of my 110 CSW. Has anyone fitted alternative make seats? Cheers!
  11. a1mac

    Bench sits in Ninety Hardtop

    I'm 17 and I've got a 1988 Land Rover Ninety Hardtop, and i'm planning on fitting bench seats in rear. I was just wondering what do I need to remain legal? Seatbelts - Are lapbelts sufficient? Windows - Do I have to have windows? Do I have to report changes to insurance? Thanks, Alex McD.
  12. a1mac

    Series seats in defender?

    Hi, I've got a 1988 Land Rover Ninety, and I had bucket seats installed a while ago. I now have bad knees and cannot manouver as well i could. I was thinking, will Series seats fit in a defender, without any modifications, or do they not match. I really hope they do as I have had two 1970s...
  13. S

    Replacement seats for 200 TDi Disco

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know if I can fit 300 tdi seats to my 1993 200 TDi disco without changing runners etc? Cheers Simon
  14. H

    defender 90 benches, any help?

    hey guys, well ive been linked to this forum and have joined it. i have just got a 1990 defender 90 tdi diesel for my first car, and well, im not exactly knowledgeable about cars, especialy defenders. the defender i have got has only got 3 seats - the front 3. was looking to try and fit two...
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