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series 2 a

  1. starvin marvin

    V8 conversion

    Hi all. Ive recently purchased an Ex RAF marshal body ambulance. Im in the process of modernising it and converting it into an offroad camper for taking my daughters away. Im looking at doing an engine swap on it and im leaning towards fitting a V8 so i dont have to change the fuel system on it...
  2. MBessent

    Smoking Series 3 Diesel

    Hello, I have a 1969 series 2a long wheelbase that I quite recently purchased and am trying to recommission. After some assistance from the forum it now runs, however it's producing a lot of smoke. All of the posts about smoke I've seen always talk about colour of the smoke, however, being...
  3. M

    Changing from a 3 to a 5 bearing main 2.25

    Hey everyone.. changing the engine in my S2a .. my 3 bearing main needs more work than u have time or money to deal with at the moment .. got a running 5 bearing and I’m looking to put it in .. What is different when it comes to mounting it up and refitting everything?
  4. N

    Series 2a indicator light

    Relatively new to series, have an old girl (2a) just back on the road after a few months of work, Struggling to remove a seized front indicator bulb on 2a, tried push / turn, sprayed some wd40, cautious of breaking bulb - any tips before go about removing fitting? - cheers
  5. W

    Help with Series 2A mystery engine problem please...

    Hi all, I’m hoping that someone may be able to help with our mystery engine problem… I bought a 1963 series 2A LWB 18 months ago the engine ran at the time, started pretty much on the first turn of the engine. With much chassis work to do for the MOT I left it sitting on my drive for many...
  6. T

    Series IIa Colour

    Hi. Can anybody tell me what colour the engines of a Series IIa were please? Thanks.
  7. spanner69

    Fitting roof and sides to a Series IIA - newbie question

    Hi guys, Probably a really dumb question, but you guys know your stuff better than I do, so..... I have just bought a Series IIA pick-up and want to fit an enclosed back to it. How big a task is it to undertake and how long will it take me to remove the back and roof of the old cab and fit...
  8. B

    South America & Asia Series II A 1967 style

    What's the differences between UK and Aus style in series ii ?,
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