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series 3.

  1. C

    SIII parts - recommendation

    Just discovered MM4x4 near Worcester. They've supplied me with a bunch of bits for my SIII and they are knowledgeable, swift and a damn sight cheaper than some others... website is http://www.mm-4x4.com
  2. D

    How does my spare wheel mount on the bonnet??

    I recently bought a Series III 109, lovely machine!! but the spare wheel is rolling round in the back. it has a razor edge bonnet with a recess for the wheel. could somebody send a picture of how it should look when mounted properly? Im not even sure I have all the right bits! Any help would be...
  3. dragon 87

    How deep is my earth ?

    Hi guys / following on from my solenoid problem posted earlier ! I thank you all for your skills :cool: ! 1) Jump leads from batt neg to leaf spring proved - BAD EARTHING.. I'd done -little bracket where eath is fixed to batt bed !!! BUT?? Do i now have to go deeper ??? Ie. (...
  4. dragon 87

    Solinoid Problem?

    Hi I have a problem with the serise 3. It was working fine last year then suddenly it wouldn't fire up. I checked everything inclusding starter motor and I think it was the Solinoid, bought a new one, but it still doesn't seem to fire up, it clicks but nothing else. I wonder if I have...
  5. W

    SIII 1980 2.25 Diesel - CAV fuel pump governor?

    The planned diesel engine "restoration" (5 years of "SORNs") may soon be over. Not wishing to see all the work and investment blown up by the MOT smoke test I contacted the local testing garage for details of the test. Very helpful but not a lot of knowledge about old engines. Mine is zero in...
  6. B

    Fairey Free Wheeling Hubs

    I've decided it's time to replace the wheel bearings on my 74 Series 3 88". I have a pair of Fairey Free Wheeling Huibs on the front (hand engaged) and I'm looking for a diagram to help me figure out how to strip them and what parts are needed to service them. Can anyone help as the only links...
  7. B

    series 3 snorkel

    hi im a complete newb to tinkering with my s3 (or any car), im looking into getting a snorkel fitted to my s3 when searching there doesnt seem to be many for s3 neerly all 90/110 etc, would these fit my s3? also there seems to be two groups of prices one around £70/£80 then the other £150+ is...
  8. L

    Planning a trip to Mongolia and back

    Hi there, I'm planning to drive to Mongolia and back in the summer of next year and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some info on how to prepare my landy? I've got a 1982 sIII 88", as far as i can tell nothing is seriously wrong with it (MOT and service just before I bought it...
  9. Sgt Smith

    Stage 1,V8,1988!!! ,on 650 -16 tyres..

    ***** STAGE 1,REG 01/01/1988!!! ***** I have 5 Pirelli Scorpions,although they are 650 -16's,on 5 good Discovery 1 wheels.The stage 1 is a W reg 109" V8,registered 01/01/1988!!....and I need some 750 x 16's...so I have been told,as the 650's are to small??,if anyone knows if the 650 - 16's will...
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