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series 3

  1. J

    Clutch solid and gears not fluid

    So a question to the wise. Series 3 88, 2.25l petrol, 1974 Landy has been standing for the past year and the clutch pedal is solid (no give) . The gearstick is also not as free as it was. Is this a case of filling with ep90 and starting him up in hope the warmth generated will free the clutch or...
  2. Charlie Roberts

    200 TDI disco comversion with defender clutch servo?

    Hi, i have an 88” series 3 with a disco 200tdi. Id like a lighter clutch… I seen this defender 200tdi clutch servo kit on ebay, id like a second opinion. Do you think this would work with a discovery 200tdi engine? I understand that it might be hard to mount it in the engine bay, im sure it...
  3. A

    Series 3 Clutch not pushing fluid into pipes

    Hi everyone, need some help with a series 3 clutch. Im restoring an old series 3 (havent run in 15 years) and have now began looking at the clutch. Pedal felt completely soft with no resistance at all so checked fluid level and it was very low. I topped off with new fluid and loosened the bleed...
  4. MBessent

    Smoking Series 3 Diesel

    Hello, I have a 1969 series 2a long wheelbase that I quite recently purchased and am trying to recommission. After some assistance from the forum it now runs, however it's producing a lot of smoke. All of the posts about smoke I've seen always talk about colour of the smoke, however, being...
  5. MBessent

    Series 2a Diesel Won't Start

    Hello, I've been scratching my head over this for a week or so now. I recently got a 1969 Series 2a 109 Station Wagon, she needs plenty of work to get back to good condition but the chassis is good and most of the bodywork is in decent condition. It was a diesel from the factory, but at some...
  6. D

    LED lights renovation

    Apologies sure this has been a common topic before, but just joined having exchanged my Disco 4 for a beauTy series 3 88 Need to Replace some Lights and seen that led options seem to be more Common, especially as part of expensive renovations like cool vintage Wondered if people could Advice...
  7. S

    Clutch reservoir

    1972 Lightweight. Clutch problems. Symptoms Clutch very light Gears won't engage or disengage at all while engine running (on examination) clutch reservoir bone dry No apparent fluid drop under the vehicle The cylinder below the reservoir has only one exit connexion. The pipe...
  8. Grogu

    2.5 petrol not running properly

    Hello good people of the internet. I'm experiencing some issues with my 2.5 petrol engine. Any have ideas what could be up? It starts perfectly when cold and runs fine until it warms up, then it starts to misfire and dies. Does this on both gas and petrol. I have rebuilt the carb but no...
  9. Grogu

    Quick question Series 3 200tdi

    Hi, does anyone know if a 200tdi will fit through the back door of a series 3? potentially collecting one at the weeked and trying to work out how to transport it! Cheers
  10. screensaver69

    What's this found in sump during oil change

    Hi there, 1984 Series 3 diesel, doing an oil change and found this half moon piece of steel in the sump along with some other bits. I assume its a necessary engine part and I'm wondering what engine failure hell is about to befall me! (no scale but its about the size of the top of yer thumb)...
  11. TannersLandy

    Series 3S Help

    Hello Everyone, Hoping you could shed some information on my Land Rover. I have what I believe to be a 1984 Series IIIS, a former military truck from SA, with the straight 6 petrol 2.6L engine (R6). Any info you have on these trucks would be greatly appreciated. Anyone have any pictures of...
  12. Tradecraft

    Coolant sender for S3 with a 2.5NA fitted

    Hi everybody. Can someone please give me the benefit of their knowledge (please be nice, I'm new to LR's and am trying my best to learn and tidy mine up in the process). I have a 1968 S2A with an S3 bulkhead and instrument cluster and a 2.5NA under the bonnet. My fuel gauge is working fine but...
  13. W

    replace chassis on Series 2a with a series 3 chassis

    Hello all, I have a pretty rotten chassis on my LWB '63 2A, I've been offered series 3 LWB breaker which has a decent chassis any thoughts? I've read that its better to go with a replacement new chassis... many thanks Peter
  14. J

    Importing SA Series II’s and III’s

    Hey, long time lurker first time poster I’m looking into importing Series from South Africa to sell over here. I will have some good clean well looked after models as well as some nut and bolt restored Series II’s. I’m interested to know how much interest there is over here and also what...
  15. BigSmegHead

    David Trimble

    Hello fellow Landy-Lubbers. Does anyone have schematics / plans for the interior vinyl trim panels ? As far as I can see the Series 3 station wagon & county models had vinyl trims for: - The tops of the front doors (396606-7) - The B pillars, behind the upper sea-belt anchor ( 320682-3...
  16. Schofuelled


    Hi everyone - so this is my first posts... Im from Christchurch in Dorset and Im planning on buying my very first Land Rover next year when I can send back my 180bhp Abarth 595 Comp. Plan is to get a 90 Defender or Series 3 to do my daily comute of seven miles as well as some car/Landie...
  17. nfathi

    Any recommended garages in Dallas, Texas metroplex?

    Any recommended garages in Dallas, Texas metroplex? Or a savvy person who works on Series 3. Many thanks in advance.
  18. alisterg

    Fancy A Bit Of Modelling?

    As previously confessed, I do a bit of railway modelling when not fixing Land Rovers. On a railway modelling forum I frequent, we were discussing the fact that there are very few 1/76 or 1/72 scale models of civilian Land Rovers around, particularly the short wheelbase Series 2, 2A and 3...
  19. matthamilton

    URGENT: How to remove the oil pump drive shaft on a 2.6l petrol six cylinder

    Does anyone out there have the proper procedure for removing the oil pump drive shaft from the engine block of a 2.6l petrol six cylinder? I'm rebuilding the original engine on my Series 3 109 and can't remove the camshaft on this IOE engine until I remove the oil pump drive shaft. This is the...
  20. stevieshutts

    Series 3 Brake Problem

    I have a 1984 Series 3 which used to be a fire engine. It has 3" wide drums at the front, presumably because of the extra weight of a water tank. It has given me no end of grief in the past setting the brakes up, and I have all fitted new wheel cylinders, new flexis and a new master cylinder...
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