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series iia

  1. G

    Simple clutch upgrade - is it possible/feasible? :-)

    Hi all, Well, as a change from seeking info about my mate's Series IIa's SLS brakes (I WILL sort them out soon - honest!) I'm planning, on Monday, to fit a new clutch for him. Funny, I thought I'd retired from the motor trade........ :D My problems are 1. Sourcing genuine clutch components...
  2. G

    Fails to start when hot

    Hi, My Series II has developed a problem - it won't start when hot. Starts fine when cold, but if you stall or switch off after a few miles, it won't restart. Turns but won't fire. It's not overheating - no loss of coolant - and I usually get going after waiting 10-15 minutes and using a...
  3. T

    Series IIa Colour

    Hi. Can anybody tell me what colour the engines of a Series IIa were please? Thanks.
  4. D

    series IIa wheels

    Does anyone know what fits a series IIa lug pattern and wheel pattern. I am looking for some new wheels and wondered if another truck or newer land rover fits the same car. Also, what is the stock size for a a 1969 series wheel/tire? Thanks, Dan
  5. TSM

    New U-Bolts for Parabolics?

    Hi All, Recently I got a full set of parabolics and shocks off a scrapper to put on my SWB IIA. However, didn't get any U-bolts... Because the parabolics only have two or three leaves and the old ones were nine or ten leaves each the plate which attaches to the bottom of the shock and the...
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