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  1. boddamese

    Front propshaft clonking on over-run

    My S2 109" is clonking quite badly from what sounds like the front prop when slowing to a stop. There is a bit of play in the sliding joint so I suppose that confirms it. Question is: Although the FWH are engaged, so the prop is turning, would you still expect a prop to make a noise like this...
  2. SiPeace

    General Welding a Custom Length Prop Shaft

    Right... Front prop busted, luckily only at 30mph so I didn't lose my legs. My Landy's a hybrid ("bitsa") so a standard front prop was too short. I got a 2nd hand rear (i.e. longer) prop and cut it down. Here's a photo-story of how I did it. BTW... many thanks to @holly76 for his helpful...
  3. M

    wear on camshaft advice please

    I have just been told by my mechanic who I feel I can trust, that after replacing injector seals on my 03 td5 with 110,000mls . On doing this job he tells me he has identified excessive wear on the cam shaft. Apparrently very common. So much so, that he has recommended I get shut of the vehicle...
  4. Satancom

    Repair Guide Changing A Front Half shaft

    Changing the front half shaft is quite an involved job, made worse in my case by having free wheeling hubs installed. Although without the FWH's I wouldn't have been able to get home so they can stay. More often than not the shorter half shaft snaps first, so if your unsure which side has gone...
  5. W

    Bad CV Joints or What??

    My '95 Classic LWB has approx. 105K miles. While traveling on the highway at about 70 MPH, my front drive shaft snapped at the front ujoint. Yesterday I replaced the shaft and I am noticing the same symptoms that I experienced just before the old shaft broke: Vibration at low speed - 10 to 20...
  6. Big Sandy

    Replacing A Broken Rear Half Shaft

    There you were driving along in two wheel drive; you came to a low speed corner or a junction, or you hit a patch of loose gravel and ‘crunch!!’ , suddenly you lost drive! There was a grinding, crunching sound from the rear end, and now you have come to a halt. In all probability you have...
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