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  1. H

    Knocking after engine rebuild

    First post here, apologies if not in the correct format or place. I've often used the forums for advice for my '76 SIII 88 2.25 Diesel. So far I haven't need to post myself, I can usually get the answer I need from another post..... but I'm stumped... My engineering knowledge is too limited to...
  2. jsybearpig

    New SIII owner (and a few queries)

    Hi there, I've just become the proud owner of a 1983 SIII diesel (see photo) - it's made it's way back from up north to Jersey (Channel Islands) where I'm waiting for it to be inspected and registered locally. It was rebuilt about 2 years ago and had a reconditioned diesel 2.5 engine...
  3. O

    Series III Rear Seats and Belts - HELP!!

    Just bought my first Land Rover, a 1978 Series III 88' 2.25L Diesel - new to Land Rovers and new to vintage so any advice is gratefully received!! I'd like to put bench seats or individual seats in the back with seat belts. The bench seats (320737) appear to be cheap enough at about £35 each...
  4. j50

    SIII Dash Panel and Gauges Refurb

    A while back, I got a bug to see if I could install LEDs in the dash panel. Today, I took the panel off and found some degradation and rust, so I sand blasted the bits, blacked out the bezels and generally cleaned up some. Also used some vinyl dye on the rubber and plastic parts. Anyone have...
  5. Otley's Owner

    Brakes pulling to side. Advice please.

    Well, the transmission brake was sorted out and oil contamination of the rear off-side drum was cured with a new axle oil seal. However, under heavy breaking my 109 SIII is still pulling to the left, quite alarmingly. Do any of you good people have any suggestions about the possible cause as...
  6. Malcolm Tent

    SIII Electrical Problem - Help Needed

    I'd be grateful for some advice as I've just had the following problem and I'm somewhat baffled. I needed to re-route the wiring from the steering column fuse box, as it was all pinched in a narrow gap between the ignition switch and the dash. I drilled a hole in the dash behind the lower...
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