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  1. boddamese

    Petrol smell from 2 1/4 with weber carb

    I'm getting a really bad petrol smell from the series 3 during last journey or two. It has a 2 yr old Weber 34ich on it. Seems worst on a rough road or when going over speed bumps of if I stall engine. New tank and sender fitted and I can't see any leaks from tank (under seat), fuel lines or...
  2. j-filip-f

    [Disco II Td5 Automatic] smells and becomes sluggish on up-hills

    So... in general the subject tells it all... On more steep up-hills (~20%) the car begins to smell and becomes sluggish. I can feel that it is hot but I am not able to localize the source of heat and smell. It is not the smell of coolant. I was thinking that maybe it is just something burning...
  3. B

    Odd gas smell (like natural gas) from Freelander TD4

    Hi All, I've noticed this subject has been touched on before but there didn't appear to be a definitive solution so hopefully this time......I've got a '05 plate TD4 Freelander, c 40k on the clock, and there is a weird smell that's similar to that of natural gas. It's not the aircon as the smell...
  4. H

    Coolant leaking into car under carpet? Disco 2.

    Hi, I have just purchased a Land Rover Discovery 2 a noticed its leaking Coolant. Ive noticed it is running into the car under both the passenger and drivers side carpets (pulled it back and its wet under there?). I can also see it dripping from under the car onto the ground (approx level with...
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