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  1. Bigbananafeet

    Snorkel and roofrack - Will Mantec Plastic Jobby fit?

    Hi Folks, Ended up fording some rivers a little deeper than I'd ever been before yesterday. I never thought I'd ever be as deep as that so have never really considered a snorkel before but I'm starting to think one might be a good idea. I quite like the look of the Mantec Plastic Jobby but...
  2. clarkster

    Safari Snorkel to a 2001 TD5.

    Using the correct model as per the Safari Snorkel website (SS580HF) which is for the TD5 and TD4 I have used the provided template but found that one of the holes (bottom right) falls directly behind the inner rigid air ducting. Now this duct is screwed to the inside wing covering the duct...
  3. N

    snorkel --- drain pipe

    Hi all I have with a friendly mechanic been re wiring the beast, and taking out all the NINE switches including indicators off the dash. None of the electrics were fused and a small fire started under the dash when trying to start with the glow plugs in the snow. It all looks pucker now. But I...
  4. andy3d

    exchange/modification of oil bath air filter allowing to fix Mantec raised air intake

    Dear all I want to buy a Mantec raised air intake for 1978 2.25 diesel Series III (Danish military version) http://www.lrseries.com/shop/product/listing/15569/DA2266-RAISED-AIR-INTAKE-PRE-1986-N-A-AND-SERIES-1-2-3.html I know, it's bloody expensive, but it is suppose to be a gift. reading the...
  5. B

    series 3 snorkel

    hi im a complete newb to tinkering with my s3 (or any car), im looking into getting a snorkel fitted to my s3 when searching there doesnt seem to be many for s3 neerly all 90/110 etc, would these fit my s3? also there seems to be two groups of prices one around £70/£80 then the other £150+ is...
  6. I

    How Do I? snorkel confverion wiith oil bath filter

    Hi I want to fit a snorkel to my series III . It has an oil bath filter so it looks like I would have to change that for another type of filter, or is there a way to convert an oil bath filter for use with a snorkel ? If I have to change then what would I chnange to ? Thanks Paul
  7. aclarke

    Safari snorkel on pre-Defender 200tdi

    Hi. I have a 1986 110 CSW with a 200tdi conversion. It has the original wing without the cutout for the air intake found on the 200tdi Defender (see http://www.barlows4x4.co.uk/Quickstart/ImageLib/19122008101.jpg ). I was planning on just cutting that hole myself, but someone who knows more...
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