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  1. Q

    Starter solenoid clicks but not turning engine and dash lights on when ket out

    Couple of days ago I tried starting my landy 90 1998 300tdi and all I heard was a click from the solenoid. As well as this I noticed that the dash lights (oil, battery, handbrake) were on even when the key was removed. Fortunately I have an isolator so I can switch off all power. I don't know if...
  2. boddamese

    300 TDi fuel shut off solenoid. Genuine or aftermarket.

    The fuel shut off solenoid (RTC6702) is causing starting problems. Taking several key cycles to operate when the car has stood for a few days. Works fine when used every day. There is the usual array of ****part, Bearmach, Allmakes etc for £5 to £7 as well as a Bosch OEM one for £100. Anyone...
  3. R

    19J stalling..... A lot. help!

    Hi, I have a 1989 90, 2.5TD. Had her three months and she has started stalling. It is rather intermittent, can go a few days with nothing and then, like yesterday, can be almost constant. Drive along and engine just dies, battery light on and no engine. Sometimes it will then start, more often...
  4. Otley's Owner

    Wouldn't it be nice.

    Wouldn't it be nice if I could get through just one week without something falling off or breaking. Drove up to my archery club today and as I was the only one there I hopped out to close the gates behind me. Turned the engine off. Hopped back in again, turned the key, click... silence. I was...
  5. P

    Solenoid pack location on Defender TD5 with Tabor 9K winch,

    I have taken a Tabor 9K winch (which seems to be a budget variant of a Warn 9000 winch) to fit to my TD5 110 Defender in Tanzania. The solenoid pack and cables supplied are designed for the solenoid pack to fit on top of the winch motor. However I am concerned that the solenoid pack will then be...
  6. woodnet

    Starter motor or solenoid?

    What was an intermittent starting fault earlier in the year, solvable with a gentle tap on the solenoid cap, is now getting to be a regular, and embarassing nuisance. The battery is good, earth wire to Stater Motor cleaned and tightened, and when it chooses to work the engine starts without a...
  7. G

    Starter motor or solenoid gone?

    I read in one of the posts on a faulty starter motor ( or solenoid for that matter) "stick a screwdriver across the solenoid terminals. might be a shot solenoid"( posted by ATO). Would that get my starter motor to turn for the next few days, till I got a new one? Made soem weird noises during a...
  8. Big Sandy

    Replacing A Series Diesel Starter Solenoid

    Firstly remove the starter motor from the engine. (yes, it sounds easy…I know it isn't.) Now, remove the cable (sometimes it's a copper strip) from the starter body to the solenoid. Undo the two nuts holding the solenoid to the starter body. Remove the solenoid body. This will leave the...
  9. Big Sandy

    Guide Replacing A Series Diesel Starter Solenoid

    Big Sandy submitted a new resource: Replacing A Series Diesel Starter Solenoid - A Quick Guide Read more about this resource...
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