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starter motor

  1. P

    Engine cranking but stops after 1 second

    Before taking mt car to a dealer and throwing cash at the problem i thought i would ask forum members for their diagnosis. Who knows i may try to get practical. My 2006 freelander diesel is reluctant to start. Symptoms are: - normal warning lights - including glowplugs illuminate and then go...
  2. C

    sorry another intermittent starter 300tdi

    Hi all This is my first post, I have a 1996MY 300TDI defender. Being based in France is a bit of a challenge as there is no one local to go to. We have had the dreaded "turn key to ignition switch pos III/crank nothing happens" problem, but I am trying to understand some of the symptoms better...
  3. A

    Freelander Di 2l starting problems

    Hi all I have a T-reg Freelander Di (D) 2L. We've recently purchased the landy but are having trouble with the starting. When putting the key into the ignition barrel, I turn the key, to I and II, everything lights up and looks good. Then I turn to ignite engine and we have intermittent...
  4. T

    DEFENDER 110 TD5 starter removal

    When I turn the ignition key to start , the starter relay clicks but does not turn except occasionally, so I assume it is the starter solenoid sticking out. To remove it , I removed the 2 lower bolts on the starter motor mounting plate but cannot locate any other bolts / nuts. I removed the...
  5. N

    Starter motor - ailment diagnosis

    The starter motor on my 200tdi has, since Ive owned it, often failed to engage with the drive ring on the flywheel on the first go. Sound battery, live and earth connections. On ignition, a good solid click indicative of the solenoid being thrown, the motor spins up, so the solenoid is closing...
  6. Grimshaw

    Expired Free Series starter motor

    Series starter motor free to a good home Please be aware, the solenoid fires but the pinion wheel does not engage so it will need renovating before being used. I inherited this part when I bought my Series III; I don't know what the cause of the fault is as I haven't investigated it...
  7. Otley's Owner

    Wouldn't it be nice.

    Wouldn't it be nice if I could get through just one week without something falling off or breaking. Drove up to my archery club today and as I was the only one there I hopped out to close the gates behind me. Turned the engine off. Hopped back in again, turned the key, click... silence. I was...
  8. Disco Richie

    The saga of the clutch change...... Ever wished you hadnt started something......

    I have put off the clutch swap no more, got started Fri Night after 12 hr shift, got car elevated on ramps and stands got both props off, stripped centre console drilled out cover plate for gear levers, removed gearbox mounts, got all bell housing bolts out going great here I thought, then the...
  9. J_B

    I just don't understand

    Ok, so this is my query. I have a 51plate Freelander and Monday morning I drove to work (3hrs), lunch time I wanted to go out but the car wouldn't start, all the lights in the dash started flashing, turned the key to start, nothing, turned the key off then on again no lights at all, ok, flat...
  10. Dave T

    300tdi Starter motor checks - how to

    After a day playing in the mud yesterday, I went outside this morning to go and rewind my winch cable and give it a good hose out. Unfortunately when I turned the key there was absolutely nothing:( The heater fan was running fine, so the battery is ok. A quick look at the wonderful Haynes...
  11. woodnet

    Starter motor or solenoid?

    What was an intermittent starting fault earlier in the year, solvable with a gentle tap on the solenoid cap, is now getting to be a regular, and embarassing nuisance. The battery is good, earth wire to Stater Motor cleaned and tightened, and when it chooses to work the engine starts without a...
  12. N

    3 series 109 24v Accidently started with gear engaged now just get one click on start

    Turned over the engine while in second gear with parking break engaged, started and stalled. Now when I try to start the truck I get a single click/pop. Not sure where to go from here.
  13. Royceybaby

    Won't start, slow turn-over of engine

    I need some help! I have a lightweight with the 2.25 Petrol engine in. I am having problems trying to start the engine as it struggles to turn-over. To date I have changed: - Starter Motor - Solenoid - Battery - Positive battery cabling from battery -> solenoid -> starter - Negative battery...
  14. H

    How Do I? Starter motor clicking

    Hi all, Replaced the solenoid on my Defender Td5 starter motor but it's making a series of fast clicking clicking sounds when I try to start the engine. Might there be a loose connection somewhere or is it my starter motor? Battery seems to be good. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks...
  15. G

    Starter motor or solenoid gone?

    I read in one of the posts on a faulty starter motor ( or solenoid for that matter) "stick a screwdriver across the solenoid terminals. might be a shot solenoid"( posted by ATO). Would that get my starter motor to turn for the next few days, till I got a new one? Made soem weird noises during a...
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