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  1. I

    General Range rover classic starter

    Hello everyone, I recently got myself a 1975 range rover classic equipped with a 3.5L V8 petrol engine that needs a starter. so my question is what car starter would fit my car? I'm from Algeria and range Rover parts are really hard to find in here.
  2. Q

    Starter solenoid clicks but not turning engine and dash lights on when ket out

    Couple of days ago I tried starting my landy 90 1998 300tdi and all I heard was a click from the solenoid. As well as this I noticed that the dash lights (oil, battery, handbrake) were on even when the key was removed. Fortunately I have an isolator so I can switch off all power. I don't know if...
  3. phatman5000

    Things burning and crackling on ignition and now... click??

    Hello all! I hate to introduce myself, having never contributed before, by asking a technical problem... But I guess a fair few on here started off that way! What would make bold heads fizz and crackle red-hot while I'm turning the engine over? My outrageously modified '83 90 2.5 N/A...
  4. E

    Freelander 1.8petrol 2004 - Starting problem

    Hi there, got what looks like a common issue from searching the forums but I could do with some help on this one... The car will sometimes start normally on the turn of the key but other times you turn the key and literally nothing happens - No cranking or anything but there is a click from a...
  5. dave medlyn

    Starter question

    hi folks, just a quick question about my starter motor (diesel) about a year ago i replaced the starter for one off a scrap landy, at the time it span over nice and quick, but now it's slowing up just like it's predecessor. is it an easy job servicing it and what do i need. thanks in advance for...
  6. Udo

    Classic starter relay location.

    Hi I have owned every other land rover cept the FC. I'v just aquired a Rangey Classic ,against advice, and the starter fails to engage, not even a clicking. Volts in/out of switch ok but not a sound this leads me to think relay, I have no info on these at all yet and they are as yet...
  7. E

    P38 nil start

    Hello all. Thanks for reading, maybe you can help. Ive got a 95 P38 4.6 (only 45k from new!). Problem, a couple of month prior to Xmas, the Gearbox Fault mssg popped up just as the ign key was turned, one the engine was started it cleared with no further messages. Just after Xmas, tried...
  8. N

    3 series 109 24v Accidently started with gear engaged now just get one click on start

    Turned over the engine while in second gear with parking break engaged, started and stalled. Now when I try to start the truck I get a single click/pop. Not sure where to go from here.
  9. greenbert

    Starter Motor Smoke

    My LR SIII 2.25 petrol has been getting increasingly harder to start of late, and today it won't start at all. The engine turns over, and there is fuel in the bowl before the fuel pump. The starter motor also seems to start smoking (electrical smoke) and gets a bit hot after a 5 seconds of...
  10. G

    Starter motor or solenoid gone?

    I read in one of the posts on a faulty starter motor ( or solenoid for that matter) "stick a screwdriver across the solenoid terminals. might be a shot solenoid"( posted by ATO). Would that get my starter motor to turn for the next few days, till I got a new one? Made soem weird noises during a...
  11. Big Sandy

    Replacing A Series Diesel Starter Solenoid

    Firstly remove the starter motor from the engine. (yes, it sounds easy…I know it isn't.) Now, remove the cable (sometimes it's a copper strip) from the starter body to the solenoid. Undo the two nuts holding the solenoid to the starter body. Remove the solenoid body. This will leave the...
  12. Big Sandy

    Guide Replacing A Series Diesel Starter Solenoid

    Big Sandy submitted a new resource: Replacing A Series Diesel Starter Solenoid - A Quick Guide Read more about this resource...
  13. sharpy1980

    Disco central locking, starter, e-window fault

    Hi I've got a fault with a 93 Discovery 200 Tdi, the starter wont operate but at the same time the cental locking and elec windows stopped working, the cars starts fine when bridging the solonoid and I've checked the fuses and relays which seem ok and click when turning the key, I've checked all...
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