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station wagon

  1. MBessent

    Series 2a Diesel Won't Start

    Hello, I've been scratching my head over this for a week or so now. I recently got a 1969 Series 2a 109 Station Wagon, she needs plenty of work to get back to good condition but the chassis is good and most of the bodywork is in decent condition. It was a diesel from the factory, but at some...
  2. PearceHD

    Restoring Rosie (109 Station Wagon)

    Hi All, Some of you may have remembered some posts from late last year regarding changing rusty sill channels on my 109. I've got the parts and paint and noticed some other gremlins while pulling the dashboard apart, so I've decided to overhaul her. I have a 25-point list of jobs I need to do by...
  3. M

    1970 SIIA Station Wagon- RNT861H

    Hi there, I've just purchased a 1970 SIIA- currently in truck cab form. It appears that it was originally a station wagon and I am looking to take it back to factory spec, however I would like to establish the original colour (as it is currently NATO green). The registration is: RNT861H If...
  4. BigSmegHead

    David Trimble

    Hello fellow Landy-Lubbers. Does anyone have schematics / plans for the interior vinyl trim panels ? As far as I can see the Series 3 station wagon & county models had vinyl trims for: - The tops of the front doors (396606-7) - The B pillars, behind the upper sea-belt anchor ( 320682-3...
  5. F

    please value my landy!

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a bit of advice. Can anyone put a rough value on this, as it will be up for sale soon and we don't know what its worth. I have checked ebay etc. for similar landys but at this age no two are the same.:confused: series 2a, 109 station wagon, safari roof 1971 (tax...
  6. boddamese

    This series 2 station wagon has been on sale for ever?

    This thing must have been on ebay for the best part of a year by now. I've seen it there for so long. It looks great and all but maybe not good enough to justify the price. I thought these tidy old vehicles were snapped up by enthusiasts on the Continent or imported into US or Canada. Maybe...
  7. Otley's Owner

    Military history

    Got part of Otley's (my Series 3 109 SW) Military History today, including the military registration number. Looks like it may have spent most of its army life with 71 Signal Regiment. It spent just over 21 years with the army, which seems like quite a long time to me. The letter from the MoD...
  8. B

    where to start?

    hi guys thinking of buying a defender 90 station wagon but don't really know where to start i have a budget of about £4000, i have been looking at the 200 tdi but don't really know what to look for (bad and good points)telltale signs that something is wrong or common problems. any info would be...
  9. M

    Defender 110 County Station Wagon as First Car....am I mad?

    Firstly may I say I am delighted to have found this great website! I'll be turning 17 in June and after I pass my test I'm hoping to buy a Land Rover Defender 110 200TDi (9/10 seater) with the chairs/benches in the back (that way I can get more people to throw fuel money in for lifts and trips...
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