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steering box

  1. MattHunt

    Steering box dead...

    So whilst parking Mildred tonight the steering felt vague and a moment later the steering wheel span freely. Everything down to the steering box works and you can feel the vibration as the wheel spins as if the lower column is passing over splines? Could this be a mechanical failure in the...
  2. C

    P38 steering box removal

    So after too many months of my garage floor looking like an Olympic swimming pool I have decided to replace my steering box all other advice to reduce the leaking has only worked temporarily and I have already have a new (reconned) one in order does anyone have a good set instructions I could...
  3. F

    Expired WANTED: Land Rover series 2 steering column

    Hi guys. I'm after a few Land a rover series 2 steering columns. All I really need is the splined sections where the steering wheel clamps so the worm gear at the other end can be scrap. It's for a project I'm considering but the sticking point is getting the right splines!! Any...
  4. C

    reliabke garage central London or around SE1 for Range Rover Classic

    I have a 1987 Range Rover Classic. The steering box or pump, hoses (one or some of them ) are leaking. I am looking for a reliable garage to fix this in or around central south London. Any suggestions please would be greatly appreciated as can't fix it myself.
  5. Grandaddy_low

    Bulkhead to steering box bracket clearance

    Hi, I have taken my bulkhead off to repair. Painted and back on, but the steering box is way out. It is supposed to be shimmed up, but surely not by about 12mm!? The shims that came off were about 3mm, if that. The toe boxes are more or less right: using 'old' metal as a reference, the...
  6. H

    Discovery TD5 steering box

    Hi. Has anyone replaced the output shaft seals in a Discovery TD5 steering box? If you have, how is it done, does the whole box have to be stripped out, or what I the best way to get the old seals out? I intend replacing them with a modified seal kit from Zeus engineering that moves the seal...
  7. D

    drop arm

    Morning all, I am trying to work out if it is possible to fit a straight drop arm to a 6 bolt steering box, I have been told it can be done with a 4 bolt head but the 6 bolt output shaft is smaller dia', any thoughts??????????DW
  8. L

    Steering column noise

    Hi, I have a P38 from 1999 and since a few weeks now the car makes a noise when I steer but only when the car is still cold, so the noise disappears after a few minutes when the car gets warmer. The steering fluid is topped up, so any idea what could cause this? :confused: Thanks!
  9. R

    Steering Box Fixing Bolts

    Hi, Got a 'Red' at last MOT one my 'new' 90 ,because Steering Box Mounting Bolts were loose, turns out they must been loose for ages as the bolts are chafed on the shaft so need new set, anyone know the part number? or spec? Thanks Roy
  10. C

    Disco II Steering Question

    Hi, Fairly new to this Disco stuff. But having some interesting times and enjoying my "project". Question around Steering... When I turn Left I get 2 tuns of the wheel befor hitting the lock, however when I turn Right it is only 1.5 and doesn't turn as tight. Not a huge issue when driving...
  11. T

    Steering Box Output Shaft Seal Removal

    Hi, I have a 99 Land Rover Discover I for which I'm trying to replace the steering box output shaft seals which leak like a sieve. I've got the seal kit. I've removed the pittman arm and dust boot from the shaft but I don't see a circlip. I just see what looks like some rubber coating on a seal...
  12. Adam Faal

    Steering box questions (RHD => LHD conv)

    Hello, I need help identifying some parts. I have attached two pics, one showing the steering box, the other some other parts close to it. 1) is this a "4 bolt" steering box? 2) what is item #1, and is it sided? (name, partno?) 3) what is item #2, and is it sided? (name, partno?) I found a...
  13. JonathonMarshall

    So which steering box??

    I need a new steering box for the MOT...but which one?? I see there are 3,4 and 6 bolt boxes on Paddocks? I've done a search and found a thread in which Guy mentions they're interchangeable but the 3 and 4 bolt ones are the best? This 4 bolt one with drop arm would seem the best therefore...
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