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  1. F

    Tracking left and right constantly when on road

    Hi Guy’s, just about to buy a wolf 110 and test drove it the other day. Everything was good apart from it tracking left to right, constantly requiring adjustment, as I drove along the road. My other ex military 110 does not do this so noticeably (I know they are never perfect) When asked he...
  2. F

    Expired WANTED: Land Rover series 2 steering column

    Hi guys. I'm after a few Land a rover series 2 steering columns. All I really need is the splined sections where the steering wheel clamps so the worm gear at the other end can be scrap. It's for a project I'm considering but the sticking point is getting the right splines!! Any...
  3. R

    Expired RHD to LHD Kit Wanted

    Hi All, I'm looking to swap my 1999 Defender 110 from a RHD to LHD. If anyone wants to do the reverse, contact me to swap. Or, if you have any extra parts for LHD conversion, let me know! Thanks! Ransom Vehicle is in the UK.
  4. L

    Sticky Steering Wheel

    When my S3 has been standing for any length of time in wet weather, the surface of the steering wheel gets sticky - leaving black deposits over the driver's hands which are a bu99er to get off. After about 20 minutes of driving, it's smooth and dry again. Any ideas?
  5. boddamese

    Need a decent recon steering box. Any tips?

    The steering box (4-bolt) is leaking badly from the top of the box. It was fitted 2 1/2 years ago. Its a recon unit from Paddocks. I suspect that the unit must have been rebuilt using B**tpart (S**tpart) seals due to their apparent poor quality (unless they managed to find an even worse...
  6. Sim

    Tire advice

    Hi All Has anybody got any views on General Grabber UHP tyres, Currently I have got Goodyears on my Disco 2 but they are starting to wear. I used to have Pirelli Scorpions on my Disco 300Tdi but they are eye wateringly expensive in the 255 55 R18s size I need for the D2. Black circles are doing...
  7. Barnsey

    Tight steering and hot brakes, connected?

    Hi All Picking up from another thread. After 2 days off roading last weekend my steering has been feeling tight. it felt tight after the first half day off road. Now its not tight all the time, Tuesday it felt normal, today tight all day. I read in another threads it could be an adjuster on...
  8. L

    Steering column noise

    Hi, I have a P38 from 1999 and since a few weeks now the car makes a noise when I steer but only when the car is still cold, so the noise disappears after a few minutes when the car gets warmer. The steering fluid is topped up, so any idea what could cause this? :confused: Thanks!
  9. D

    '04 Freelander TD4 Steering/suspension rattle

    Hi Folks, Been searching the forum for any recent updates on this as I'm sure there must be others who've had this issue and found the cure already. I'm getting a steadily worsening rattle that can be felt both in the drivers footwell and up the steering column when travelling over rough...
  10. C

    Disco II Steering Question

    Hi, Fairly new to this Disco stuff. But having some interesting times and enjoying my "project". Question around Steering... When I turn Left I get 2 tuns of the wheel befor hitting the lock, however when I turn Right it is only 1.5 and doesn't turn as tight. Not a huge issue when driving...
  11. T

    Freelander Power Steering Fluid Change Info Needed - Could be cause of steering rack

    Hello I have a 2001 TD4 freelander, the vehicle has 'sometimes' an usual intermittent clicking noise when the steering wheel is turned, when the car is in a non accelerating standstill position. For example if the car is stationary on my drive or if I have tried a 3 point turn and I...
  12. L

    How Do I? How do you adjust the Drag Link on a Discovery 1 200Tdi, K -reg?

    Hi all, I am a complete Noob so apologies for that - my steering wheel is not aligned with the wheels (i.e. steering wheel is to turned to the left when wheels are straight). I have read on the forum that this can be corrected by adjusting the drag link (if you have enough 'travel' left in...
  13. M

    Repair Guide Whirring Noise From Steering Column Fix On Disco 2

    A rather annoying but inconsequent issue that sooner or later comes up in Discos series 2 (either V8 or S5): on moving the starter switch to position "II" a vibrating sort of whirling noise comes from aside the steering column. The trouble lies with the in-car temperature sensor (ICTS) mounted...
  14. F

    How Do I? front wheel alignment

    Hi..noticed the other day my front wheels are slightly pointing in different directions..by a small amount..is this the toe-in / toe-out bit and how can i change/adjust this..i have no manual so any help is cool. cheers, filski
  15. dumdums

    And I thought it was a feature!

    Since buying my series 3 in the summer I have been fighting the steering, accepting the vagueness, the wander and the way it would kick back at me on a bad surface. Then I noticed what looked like some fixing points on the front chassis and steering rod – fixings for a steering damper. £25...
  16. Disco Richie

    Disco 2 track rod length

    Hello all, I just have to change a track rod end for the mot, is there a set distance between ball joint centres when fitted to the car on the disco 2 td5 year 2000? I am replaceing the whole thing rather than the one end as the other end cant be far off going too. I was going to measure the one...
  17. LordDoig

    My new toy!

    OK guys so as promised, if maybe a little late, here are the pictures and story behind my new Land Rover Series III SWB. It was decided by myself and a group of friends that all my cars should be named after former prime ministers with a random title prefixed. So here he is, Major John Major...
  18. T

    What was at first a simple job..... aka will I never learn!

    At last I'm servicing the brakes on Heisenberg, my Sr 2A SWB petrol. From what I've read on this board I think my steering is quite positive, but a few clonky TREs, so replacing these at the same time. Thought I'd start with the front since this does most of the braking. Usual oil leaks...
  19. P

    1991 Chevy Lumina Problems

    Alright, I can't find the right forum to post this in so I'll do it here...My Lumina is drinking alot of Power steering Fluid, it's also turning pinkish...I have no idea what to do, I can't even drive it to work now because the steering wheel is so damn hard to move Any suggestions? I'm no...
  20. S

    Quite a bit of play in D110 TD5 steering

    Going to be driving a friend's 2006 Defender for about 500 km or so this weekend. One thing I find bothering is that there is a lot of play in the steering. Several centimetres. It's play I know shouldn't be there, as I've driven other TD5s before this one. I don't really know a lot about...
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