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  1. Toothfairy

    Air suspension manual inflafe

    My P38 has been converted to airlines to set ride height can anyone please tell me air psi to pump into the 4valves(airbags)
  2. dragon 87

    Disco up one side and not going down!

    Hi We have had an ongoing problem with our 2004 Disco 2, it goes up on its back driver side and will sometimes stay up for a day or two, sometimes you can do some strange thing with opening and closing doors and it goes down! We have tried to find a garage who can tell us what to do bit they...
  3. D

    Rear air suspension discovery 2

    Hello All Can anyone help me with the following problem: when I park my discovery after use the rear of the discovery drops and looks like it is sitting just above the wheels....when I re start to pull away the air suspension raises up.....would therefore assume compressor is ok so what else can...
  4. O

    Parabolic springs

    :LL: I'm sure this subject has been done to death, (not quite as my search on the topic found out). The rear of my SWB 'sags', and if I put what I'd consider a medium load she appears to 'bottom' out on minor bumps. I believe the springs need replacing and I think I want to go with parabolic...
  5. K

    landrover discovery td5 air suspension problem

    hi, my disco td5 suspension keeps sinking on the right side at the rear, but this is only when it has heavy items in i.e 7 people or my work gear. but doesn't sink when towing my caravan or my twin axle trailer. but the suspension would go back up if you left it for a while. recently I have...
  6. W

    EAS Valve Block Issue

    Hi Everyone - thanks for the feedback on previous posts! I recently rebuilt my original eas valve block - new o rings, new diaphragm, coupled with a new compressor. I am not getting any air from the compressor to the tank, thus no pressure to air up the springs. I have checked for proper...
  7. L

    Freelander rear suspension has become stiff

    Hello everyone. This is my first ever post so hopefully I've done this right. I have an unusual problem with my TD4 - the rear suspension has become stiffer and may be the reason that I'm getting the dreaded uneven tyre wear on the rear tyres with the associated tyre drone. Anyone else...
  8. D

    Suspension Identification

    Hi Everyone - Happy Easter! :rabbit: This Easter, I've decided that it's time to change the rear shock absorbers on my land rover 110 (1986); the outer protection sleeve has been eaten by rust worm and when I pull on the shock, the top-bush seems non existent (I think that's the source of one...
  9. R

    Suspension on a soft dash Mazda 35SLTi conversion

    Hi there I have a RRC soft dash on air which has been converted to Mazda 35 SLTi, however the weight of the engine has resulted in the front propshaft rubbing on the sump nut. I'm considering conversion to coils - if I do does anyone know what rating I'd need and whether a +1" or a +2" is...
  10. M

    Suspension options

    I think the rear dampers are weak on my 2003 5dr Freelander as under mildly hard cornering I can feel the nsr dive a bit. What dampers do people recommend? I've always gone for gas dampers on previous cars, but wasn't sure whether they'd be a bit hard for off road use?
  11. D

    Freelander rear swinging arms and the MOT

    Hi my 2003 freelander has failed the mot on the rear swinging arm bushes which i had replaced about 18 months ago. is this a common fault and where the best place to source new bushes/arms and is there a more solid version? as 18 months of normal driving is'nt good enough.
  12. Timdawg

    Discovery II leaning to the right

    Hi, I've recently noticed that my Disco II ssems to be leaning a bit to the right (in a non-political way!). I had a quick check around the car this evening and there's about 10-11cm of clearance beween the flat of the tyre and the top edge of the wheel arch on all wheels except the...
  13. M

    Discovery 2 Ride Height callibration

    My apologies if this is mentioned somewhere on here already but I am struggling to find it. I have recently replaced the ride height sensors on my Land Rover Discovery 2 to find that one side is 30mm higher than the other. I have tried to manually correct this with my Nanocom but can't get it...
  14. J

    suspension problem discovery td5 es 2001

    hi everyone dont know if you can help just bought td5 playing about with ride height button like you do and voila the disco is stuck in the high position with the light constant on dash have read you can buy a fob and its exspensive could i manually deflate bags or will they just...
  15. G

    DIY Maintenance - Some notes from the (now) wise

    Hi All, This forum helped me a lot recently, so I want to give something back. I purchased an '05 Autobiography in February, 65k, 4.4ltr with professional LPG conversion, Playstation, DVD, TVs in the headrests etc etc - anyway, it has got everything. I bought it from a stealer in Essex, but...
  16. Disco Richie

    Side slope driving

    How much of an angle can the Disco 2 take on a side slope without risk of overturning? I am sure the car will lean more than my nerves will allow, but it would be nice to have some idea !
  17. W

    Need Help With EAS Compressor Problem

    Over the last few days, my EAS compressor has been running intermittently: It has been running 'normally' for periods of time and then most recently it has been running VERY quiet and not filling my air tank. I have computer software to turn the pump on and off and it is responding to the...
  18. T

    Bushes: Rubber or Poly?

    I am revamping a 1995 110 in hot, tropical Ghana and one of the (many) pieces I have to change are suspension bushes. I understand the Poly bushes last longer but provide a stiffer ride than rubber. My local (Ghanaian) mechanic is in favor of poly, and my source (Famous Four) provides...
  19. S

    Rattling noise from left and right front wheel Discovery 4

    Owner since Feb 2010 of new Disco 4 bought in Cape Town South Africa. After 7000 km made a trip first time with gravel roads and after some time the left front wheel started to make a rattling noise. Dealership told me by satellite phone that it maybe was a small stone between disk and...
  20. grantc

    Suspension Explosion!

    So there we were , SWMBO and me, just sitting in the Callendar carpark on Sunday evening, enjoying the river and view. I took the first bite of my Pizza,when--BANG!!-- there was this explosion like a shotgun in the ear! and the Disco Dropped 6 inches!! All the birds took off in fright and...
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