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  1. T

    Where do I hang the front mud flaps on a series 2a

    Can anyone tell me where I should fasten front mud flaps on a series 3. I’m assuming it goes from the first sill bolt to the chassis footwell support bracket as it is the only place that makes sense, but it seems a bit too wide for a square fit with a (non genuine) set. Thanks Tony
  2. bobtailed110

    WANTED NEW OR USED GALV CHASSIS abandoned project or new cheap

    DOES ANY BODY KNOW OF A ABANDONED PROJECT??? galvanised swb 2a chassis wanted ideally in yorkshire area but any considered or cheap suppliers of new
  3. Series Affair

    Wanted Roof Lining (rear section)

    Hi, Anybody got a roof lining to fit the rear of a Series 3 88" utility? (no roof windows in this) I have the front bit - and boy what a difference it's made to warmth and noise levels :cool:
  4. S

    SWB or LWB Landrover

    Hi All, I am looking for some more advice on whether to get a LWB or SWB Series III I know that SWB is better off road than LWB while LWB is better pulling trailers etc, I suppose my question is how much better is a SWB off road?? Is there a big difference??? The LWB versions seem to be...
  5. dumdums

    What wheels and tyres?

    I have an 1980 88 SWB with its original wheels. My question to anyone who may be able to help is: What wheels and tyres? What I am looking for is a wider wheel base and wider wheels. I don't want bigger (diameter) wheels, I just want to get the wheels sitting flush with the bodywork or...
  6. L

    powersteering for a series 3

    hey i have a land rover series 3 2.25 diesel swb and i want to put power steering on it for long journeys and to make it more easy as its going to be my every day car can u tell me wat is a good donar vehicle and if u have a done a conversion ure self or u know anyone who has and how easy and...
  7. My series 3 county,as found.

    My series 3 county,as found.

  8. My series 3 county,as found.

    My series 3 county,as found.

  9. My series 3 county,as found.

    My series 3 county,as found.

    Some pictures of my county which i took when i first found her unused on a farm.I have since brought her home and gave her a good power wash.Cleaned up lovely.Full respray and chassis work planned.Mechanically sound.
  10. LRO Peterborough '08 - 60th Lineup

    LRO Peterborough '08 - 60th Lineup

    In the arena at Peterborough 2008 for the 60th Anniversary line up.
  11. LRO Peterborough '08 - 60th Lineup

    LRO Peterborough '08 - 60th Lineup

    At the front of the line up stand at Peterborough 2008.
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