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  1. C

    300tdi ignition switch wiring

    Can I please get someone to confirm the wiring for the ignition switch, looks like what I have is wrong and need to correct it to: pos 1 white/red pos 2 brown pos 3 white pos 5 orange/white Thanks
  2. J

    Oil Pressure Indication Weirdie!

    OK, I thought I was a reasonable Engineer, but this one has me stumped! Would welcome any comments/experiences from others! I have a Defender 90, TD5 on a W Plate. Pickup body and as near stock as poss except for the winch on the front (a boy's gotta have toys:) ) The engine runs sweet, starts...
  3. M

    Roof switch on 3 door?

    Is it possible to bypass the switch on a 3 door Freelander which tells the alarm if the hard top is fitted? Also, where is it???
  4. Otley's Owner

    Heater fan question

    I currently have a two-speed heater fan motor; completely static or really, really fast! To clarify, the motor doesn't spin on the first switch position, but when I flick the switch all the way down the motor springs into life and spins at max speed. In trying to find the fault I found a rod...
  5. P

    Illuminated switches

    Does anyone know where I can get replacement switches for my P reg Defender? The switches I want to replace are the ones on the right side of the steering wheel - Rear Fogs, Rear Heated Window Hazard warning lights. It's like the black hole of calcutta down there and it would be great if they...
  6. Disco Richie

    Td5 disco cruise control on the cheap ! ! !

    Evening All, I have just fitted cruise control to my Disco very cheaply, as I am determined I am not going to shell out 30 odd quid for a master switch and another similar amount for the steering wheel switches, as told may times on this forum. My TD5 Disco 2 has had its radio upgraded so...
  7. R

    Freelander Heated Windscreen Problem

    Hi I have owned my Dec 2004 TD4 freelander for 12 months and have had no issues until this morning. I noticed last night that the front heated windscreen switch was on which I couldn't switch off. I left it for the night thinking it might time out however the car wouldn't start this morning...
  8. R

    Disco 300 electric driver's seat switch

    Hi all, I'm sure this is a silly question , but will someone tell me how to remove the driver's seat electric switch. On the plastic housing, there are 2 slots on the underside, but I can not seem to be able to remove the housing . Do I need to remove the actual switch covers first? Someone's...
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