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  1. Otley's Owner

    Septic tank

    Somebody here will know.... After many years of living in London we have just moved to a house in the country - mainly to have a base more closely related to where I now work, but giving us the opportunity to live where the skies are dark! Anyway, having always been on mains drainage we now...
  2. SiPeace

    Running out of Fuel Early

    I can only ever draw 45litres of diesel out of my tank (on a 200tdi) before it sputters and "runs out of fuel", leaving 15 litres behind in the tank. I suspected a hole in the fuel supply pipe in the tank... so I tried blowing down the fuel pipe and bubbles only came out of the bottom of the...
  3. F

    Strange Yellow (Linseed) crud?!?!

    So yesterday i took the landy out for a spin after being sat for a while..last big trip was Morocco in January..but have been starting her and doing short trips since. It started to die on me and lack of power..fuel starvation. AA came out and after some playing around we discovered a load...
  4. K

    How Do I? 1996 Discovery Screen Washer Pumps

    I have removed my Screen Washer tank to clean it as it was mouldy. There are three pumps on the back, one for the front screen and one for the back, left and right. I have a pump in the middle with a large hose that goes no where, its only 1/2 a meter long. what does it do?
  5. AnalogKid

    How Do I? How do I clean the fuel tank out?

    Hi guys, I've had an old problem rear its ugly head. Its on a 93 110 200Tdi. Every now and again, especially after some hard acceleration, the engine will be starved of fuel and won't rev out. 1st time I put a bit more fuel in (thought I was running out) and it was OK afterwards, 2nd...
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