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  1. U

    Mystery Oil Leak

    Hi, so I have a mystery oil leak on my TD4 FL1. I'm still in the process of investigating but the leak is not excessive but continuous. I think it's oil although I can't tell what from. Anyone got any idea's where this could be coming from and what I should check? Regards
  2. D

    TD4 P1090 Limping and non responsive

    Hi guys! Hippo needs rescue. Please help! Freelander 2004, TD4, manual. 93k. I keep getting the same code P1090- Fuel Rail Pressure Plausibility. I update something, clear the code, but so far it keeps coming back when I take hippo for a ride. When engine is cold, car takes a few extra...
  3. S

    Problem starting 2003 TD4

    Hi Guys, This is my first of hopefully many posts so hi to all! :) I have a snag with a 2003 TD4 not starting very well. Basically on a morning (or after shes been stood for a few hours) when turning her over she takes a long time to fire (about 10-15 secs sometimes) and occasionally not at...
  4. R

    2003 td4 freelander fuel pump

    Hi All, I have a 2003 td4 freelander, my question is does the electric fuel pump ( the one in the rear O/S wing) run continuously when the ignition is on or should it stop once up to pressure/ Also is the the only electric pump on this model? Many Thanks
  5. W

    Turbo Disaster

    Ok so a bit of background.. I got a tidy TD4, new shape freelander1 about 4 months back from a garage, quite high miles, but in great shape body wise. Had been running well upto about 1 month ago, when I noticed a little lag around 40-50mph & a bit of smoke, nothing serious, so though I'd do a...
  6. S

    How Do I? FreeLander TD4 2.0 Diesel Vacuum pump hose

    Hi All first post on the lrukforums.com so Hello :cool: first of all im not very savy with fixing cars however did not fancy paying a garage £390 to fit a part that i got online for £15 I have received the part and it looks extremely easy to fit the reason i brought it was down to a serious...
  7. D

    freelander td4 intermittent starting problems

    Hi guys, a first time poster here. Been having trouble with my 2001 freelander td4. A few weeks ago it start taking a little more turning over than usual to get going. After a couple of days the problem disappeared and it was business as usual. Over the weekend however I took the inlaws on...
  8. A

    Help! Mk1 (56 Plate) TD4 Fuel Filter Clip

    Hi, Just spent most of the afternoon trying to change the fuel filter. After the usual corrosion issues I finally managed to get the old filter out. The only issue I have now is how to fit the spring clip that sits behind the sedimenter. Unfortunately I didn't notice it when I removed the filter...
  9. J

    Expired Freelander TD4 Turbo Hose

    Hi, I've got a never-been-used turbo hose for sale. Part number: PNH500190G This is the part: http://britishparts.co.uk/products/9408-hose-turbo-PNH500190G This is the later version that supersedes the ones that used to perish. Would take £30 plus postage? Cheers :)
  10. fluff1980

    TD4 help! Engine problem hard to locate....

    Help! Please! My TD4, 2006 Freelander developed a running fault before Christmas, basically hesitation in low gears/low revs, gulping, kangarooing, and it completely cut out on 2/3 occasions. We've had a service done, the EGR valve has been removed/cleaned/replaced, we've bypassed the EGR - and...
  11. G

    Intermittent lack of power and EWL come on Face lifted TD4

    Hi there First time poster, and I just want to check something with the collected wisdom here. I have a TD4 with 106k on the clock and I am getting a problem that is getting worse. It starts and drives fine some of the time. It always starts on the button. When I rev the engine under load (to...
  12. C

    Another Freelander TD4 for the pyre!

    Any help please would be greatly appreciated!!! I run a small MOT station near Croydon in Surrey & took on a Freelander to mend with a problem. I have now got out of my depth with it & would welcome either some advice/comfort & consolation/matches, or all three. The reported fault was...
  13. Pollywog

    TD4 expansion bottle water flow

    Hi guys, My dad had a look at a facelift model Freelander 1 TD4 the other day and has a quick question, when he took the cap off the radiator expansion bottle he noticed water spurting / flowing into the bottle from the top hose when the engine was running, is this normal? Thanks in advance,
  14. Lovel

    LCS Codes Freelander TD4 GM SA VN Examples Required

    Currently working on a project which meant removing my Synergy module and trying to make things a bit more subtle avoiding external power boxes to increase the power delivery of my TD4, Model Year 2001, Manual gear box model. DDE4 ECU NNN100720. So far I have fitted an additional temperature...
  15. D

    FREELANDER 1 AUTO TD4 no power on uphill climbs

    This is my first post and I have had some fun trying to sort out my auto TD4 performance issues. I have just replaced the MAF sensor with a Meat&Doria part to replace the original Bosch sensor (F 00C 2G2 029). Car is running a lot better than before when it would hesitate on take off and...
  16. F

    TD4 serious stall at 30 mph

    I have an 8 year old freelander TD4 with the BMW engine and manual gearbox. I stalled the engine badly at 30 mph in a long curve due to a distraction and had to stop. (my fault....I know I know) I think something broke. When I started the engine... it sounded like the exhaust had come...
  17. A

    Tailgate window problem (yet another one)

    Hi everyone! Yes, another tailgate window problem! i have a 2002 TD4 ES. Driving yesterday, lowered window ok, was trying to get in desired position, then it started moving really slowly, got it closed, but outside of it's recess in the car body. I can open the tailgate. the console switch...
  18. B

    Do i need a new fuel pump td4 2005?

    Hi All, I've got a 2005 TD4 auto with 63k on the clock. I've asked for plenty of advice of late. Had an intermittent starting problem - since then have replaced the battery, replaced the fuel filter and had the RAC out. Problem seemed to point to a camshaft sensor BUT car wouldn't start just now...
  19. R

    Freelander 2 - Engine Seize

    Hi There. I'm new here and couldn't find a previous post that was similar. I have a 2007 Freelander 2. My landy was running fine and the other night I parked up for a couple hours and when I went to restart the engine seemed to be seized. When pressing the start button the starter motor would...
  20. T

    Td4 dual mass to solid flywheel conversion..opinions??

    cant seem to find much on the forums about this? anyone got experience of this on the hippo? i found a nice looking td4 that needs a clutch and wondered if conversion is the way to go. i have fitted loads of solid flywheel conversions to the fords over the years with only one comeback for a...
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