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  1. dinisterrao2005

    How can i remap my D90 TD5

    Hi, I want to remap my D90 TD5, and I want to ask for help on how I can do it at home, which are the best free programs or other not very expensive ones, precautions to take, and which files I need to install. Basically, a complete guide on how to do it. I want to get the car to 150/160hp if...
  2. dinisterrao2005

    Defender 90 TD5 losing power

    Hi guys, I have a Defender 90 TD5 from 2005 with 60k km on it, and it's been losing power while I'm driving. Let me explain in more detail: before COVID, this problem occurred, but then due to COVID, I had to stop driving it, and it sat in my garage for 3 years. Now, when I started driving it...
  3. T

    Defender TD5 AC

    Good afternoon, I own a defender TD5 1999, and I am trying to find the best solution to install an AC on it. Here are quoting around 3K, for the AC kit. Whilst browsing, I found out a universal kit having an electrical compressor instead of a belt driven one. Has anyone fitted something...
  4. V

    Discovery 2 TD5, Misfiring and smoking

    Hi, I'm really stuck on what to do next on my Discovery 2 TD5 it developed a problem the other month, where it was smoking (Black Smoke) like mad and misfiring and not idling, but as soon as you went over 2k revs it was fine, but you had to sit there revving it to keep it going. so I changed...
  5. C

    Defender - Best Trickle Charger

    Recommendations for Best Trickle Chargers please! Defender 90 Heritage 1998 TD5.
  6. MattHunt

    Steering box dead...

    So whilst parking Mildred tonight the steering felt vague and a moment later the steering wheel span freely. Everything down to the steering box works and you can feel the vibration as the wheel spins as if the lower column is passing over splines? Could this be a mechanical failure in the...
  7. R

    Td5 to not switching off - ECU problem?

    Hi all, I think I have an issue with my ECU, but would love second and third opinions from brains much more experienced than mine. Today the old girl had a nearly flat battery and a live ignition, even with no key in the ignition. She started fine when jumped and ran fine as well. When looking...
  8. K

    Discovery 2 TD5 Intake

    Just wondering if anyone knows what this does and why it would be blanked off?
  9. T

    Defender 90 TD5 Rear inward facing seat installation issue

    Evening all, I'm a newbie to the forum so I hope this is posted in the right section :D I have fitted 3 rear inward facing seats in the back of my TD5 landy. I have one last seat to fit (rear right-hand) except I cannot fit the bracket for the seat back due to the position of the fuel...
  10. Hawkes77

    Bulkhead cover/storage

    Hi all, I'm new to the Defender world so please be kind! I have a question, does anyone know a solution to protecting the back of the seat area, across the bulkhead bars? I've got stereo and CB wires at the back of the cubby box and the dog keeps getting messed up in it all. Would be great if...
  11. M

    Defender TD5 - Dakota Digital Dash?

    Hi! So I did the very upsetting thing of selling my TD5 90 but with the plan to get a TD5 110:) so currently trying to plan the new build. I just wandered if anyone knows if it’s possible to use the Dakota digital dash (often used for LS3 conversions) with the TD5? Many thanks Martin
  12. O

    Defender 90 td5 / final drive / diff

    Anyone refurbish final drives? Or can point me in the right direction? Thanks
  13. 2004StationWagon

    TD5 Power intermittent power loss issue

    TD5 LOSS OF POWER - ANY SUGGESTIONS WELCOME! Hi everyone, So I own a defender 2004 td5 and it's been great engine wise up till recently. Its developed a very intermittent power loss issue. It doesn't matter so much if the engine is cold or warm, around 50mph (But not always) you can start to...
  14. J

    Black smoke, Lumpy idle and Engine management D:

    I was driving along today going to work with some water in big containers, one fell over so I pulled over and picked it up and got the water out and realised the engine management light was on! Drove to my destination, did my days work, then on the way home no dashboard light at first but then...
  15. RustIsBigBad

    Noisy Puma

    I got a 2009 puma, bought it in Spain so even though its got quite a few km on it, it's very fresh runs great. Pumas of course, are supposed to be a bit quieter and smoother the earlier models and I haven't put any thought into the amount of noise the car makes, until I drove the families 2003...
  16. MattHunt

    Td5 110 towing assembly: which type?

    My ex RAF td5 110 is missing the height adjustable plate and tow hook. I am trying to work which one it is, I do not think it is an actual Landrover one or is it LR007221? Any guesses please? I presume the actual towing attachment would have been a NATO hitch? Thanks
  17. MattHunt

    Td5 ignition switch grub screws

    Hello Mildred's new ignition switch arrives today. I need to locate some grub screws but cannot find out what size they are. Any suggestions please? Thanks Matt
  18. M

    Defender TD5 Battery Help

    So I’ve been on my electrics - adding some new sockets and external lights…. Have tested and all working fine. I left my battery out over night (put it in the back of the Landy so not outside overnight but has been during the day) I connected everything back up and all connections tested...
  19. T

    TD5 no throttle response

    I started the engine after a good shop… the engine started up fine… but after a few seconds, it cut out and some smoke bellowed out from the engine bay. I replaced the 30a main relay fuse and it started again, but now my throttle response was dead. investigated the engine bay after being towed...
  20. N

    Mechanic recommendations in SW London

    Morning all, I would be very grateful to have any recommendations for experienced mechanics/workshops in SW London happy working on TD5 Defenders. Near to East Sheen would be ideal. Many thanks, Nathan
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