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  1. S

    Isuzu 2.8/300tdi transplant?

    My 2nd hand replacement 300tdi engine has died,and i've got the chance of an isuzu 2.8 engine as a replacement.I've looked on a few forums including here and it seems a good transplant,but usually onto a manual box in a defender. Does anyone know how easy it is to go in an auto disco?I know the...
  2. S

    Reliability of TD5 Engine

    I have been looking out for a D1 Discovery as they are a nice simple machine that should be fairly cheap to repair if anything goes wrong. Alas i have gone to see lots of D1 Discoverys but they are all in fairly rough condition with a lot of rust etc, I am now thinking of a D2 as it will be a...
  3. oil dripper

    One man and his 90 live landy cam

    looks like he,s having fun,bit hit or miss when he,s on air but its a live feed http://www.livestream.com/badgerset
  4. C

    1990 200 TDI numerous symptoms, finding out on Sunday but what do YOU think?

    Hello all, I have got a thread currently running about this particular Landy called 'Head Gasket may have gone on Defender 200 Tdi-AAARH!!' but i dont think it is appropriate anymore (as it may not be the hg) so i have started this thread, i hope this is ok with everyone! I would love to hear...
  5. C

    Head Gasket may have gone on Defender 200 Tdi-AAARH!!

    Hi Im afraid im not clued-up on Landies but my Dad informs me his is a Defender 200 Tdi (which has done 170,000miles), so i hope that makes sense! Anyway, it has been gradually starting poorer and poorer and apparently loses power when he attempts to drive up a slight slope. At first i thought...
  6. B

    where to start?

    hi guys thinking of buying a defender 90 station wagon but don't really know where to start i have a budget of about £4000, i have been looking at the 200 tdi but don't really know what to look for (bad and good points)telltale signs that something is wrong or common problems. any info would be...
  7. hrothgar

    Who are the Good Guys?

    I'm new to all this -- I live in the South of France, own a 1959 Jaguar Mk1 and a 1978 Citroen Dyane, and am looking for a Defender 90 TDi to take me up and down my village's steep hill suring the week or so per year when it snows, and to take the Dyane's place as a general workhorse for lugging...
  8. LEW153

    Europe Upgrade for your modified Series/early 90-110 - To Clear

    I have the following items which I can sell for a good price is sold as one whole lot. These are ideal for someone re-building his Series or early 90/110. Lot consists of: 1993 Discovery Tdi 200 engine complete with PS pump and intercooler LT77 gearbox with a 1.4 transfer case Disco 300 axles...
  9. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Stevie's Landy
  10. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Stevie's Landy
  11. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Stevie's Landy
  12. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Pic's of Stevie's 90
  13. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Pic's of Stevie's 90
  14. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

  15. modified


    this is my modified discovery finally,still i have long way to go.
  16. white magnet

    white magnet

  17. M

    General 300Tdi "P" gasket.

    Disconnect battery. Remove viscous fan and cowling if fitted. I don't have either. You will need a "P" gasket PET 100790 and a water pump gasket ERR 3284 It is not necessary to change the water pump gasket but as mine was already s/h and it started to drip as I undid everything I changed it...
  18. M

    General Oil leak left side 300Tdi engine

    I posted this some time ago on www.difflock.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ever since I bought my 300TDi Defender I've had an oily engine block on the left side of the engine from about the exhaust manifold. My daughter offered my a trip...
  19. Gas Gas Ohlins

    Guide P Gasket Replacement On A 300 TDi

    Gas Gas Ohlins submitted a new resource: P Gasket Replacement On A 300 TDi - Lets Get It Done Read more about this resource...
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