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  1. A

    General Hot air on Driver side when AC is running

    Hi Guys, I can use some help. Is this the thermostat? I have a 2012 Defender 130 2.2 - once the engine gets hot, hot air keep coming out on the driver side. Even if i am running the AC, the driver side vents blow hot air, while the passenger side blows cold air. I remember reading...
  2. G

    oil in the thermstat TD5 II

    Hi I have just managed to get my old thermostat out. The car had been overheating. I found the radiator was cold and it was using a lot of coolant. I tracked down some leaks, due to loose clips and at the time didn't know the correct procedure to get the air out of the system. On removing...
  3. C

    discovery 2 2002 top radiator hot, bottom cold

    Hello, On my Discovery 2, 2002 top of the radiator is hot, bottom is cold (not cooler than the top, but literally cold) after any time of driving. Same for coolant hoses - bottom one coming from the radiator into the thermostat is cold, top ones hot and pressurized. Not swelling but fairly...
  4. G

    Air lock on TD5 Discovery 2 coolant loss

    Hi I have a TD5 Discovery 2. It was bought recently and is overheating. It is also using lots of coolant (water) I found that there were several coolant leaks associated with the top hose. Where the hose is connected to the engine the spring clip had broken but was lodged in place. I replaced...
  5. S

    Head gasket saver on k series 1.8 engines

    As you probably know I have a freelander 1.8 in some serious need of tlc, i currently have the head stripped off the poor girl and Its looking good that the head is not warped, but I don't have the prrt mod yet, so I was wondering where can I get the grey prt that runs a little cooler as all I...
  6. C

    Td5 Coolant System Pressurised - Radiator Cold but Top Hose Hot - Temp+Heater Normal

    Hi all I'm having problems with my 1999 Td5 Disco's cooling system which I can't seem to fix, (or diagnose correctly for that matter) The symptoms include a build up of excess pressure that causes the top hose to swell and become very hard and not easy to squeeze at all. Even after being...
  7. C

    1.8 Thermostat Mod - can you test them?

    Hi all, We've acquired, very cheaply, a 2001 1.8K Freelander with 98,000 miles on the clock - it was cheap enough to take the risk, though there's next to no history available. It's had the thermostat mod fitted some time in the past, and runs well, but the engine is very poor at warming up...
  8. G

    Thermostat Mod

    Hi All, I have looked through previous threads but cant find the answer to my question. How do I know if my lander has already had the mod to the thermostat? My H/Gasket has been replaced (twice) by previous owner but temp gauge reads zero and fans dont kick in. I have tested the fans and I...
  9. B

    Freelander Thermostat Issue

    Hello all, I have a slight issue with overheating on my freelander k -series 1.8 1998. I googled the problem a few days ago and found this forum (which has been a great help) and came accross this thread...
  10. sameuinton

    why is my Defender radiator cold?

    I've noticed that my 300TDi Defender radiator is cold, even after a twenty mile drive with a horse trailer on. Temp gauge reads normal except for two minute-long episodes in the last year when it just touched "hot". Top hose and expansion tank are hot. Engine runs fine, not losing coolant. I...
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