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  1. P

    DSE cutout at speed - Timing clain?

    It's done nearly 200k miles, today on the motorway the EML came on and the engine cut out. I didn't hear anything when it happened. On starting it turns over fast and sound like lack of compression, so I figure one of the chains has broken. What damage should I be expecting when I go digging...
  2. D

    SOS - Need help - otherwise this Defender is for the scrapyard...

    Apologies if this sounds depressing, but I've just - yet again - tried to start my Defender with no success. So, I'm coming to the end of my tether with her which is a shame because I've had her 10yrs+ and done alot of work on her. She's beautiful in NATO Matt Black with lots of chequer plate...
  3. D

    How Do I? Automatic Distributor Advance 3.9 V8

    Now I realise that I might be WAY OFF here, but I have got to get this off my chest and ask if anyone here knows of any lawful impediment for this idea or if there is an easier way that doesn't involve ££££££? I have been messing around with Ignition advance and I have two settings... One for...
  4. B

    2.25D Distributor pump timing

    Hello all, Two questions for you: 1. My flywheel housing has not got a rectangular opening to see the timing marks on the flywheel and the pointer. It is cast shut. Directly above it I have a 10-12 mm round hole through which the flywheel can be seen. Apart from not being able to see much...
  5. Poulton

    How Do I? 300Tdi fuel injection pump timing

    Hi, replacing the fuel injection pump on my engine from auto EDC pump to Manual Mechanical pump. how do i ensure the fuel pump is in the correct timing postion? my engine is locked in Top dead centre (TDC) when I removed the old pump but the new pump is in the position it came off in (not TDC)...
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