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transfer box problem

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    Transfer Case issues

    I have a 300 TDI Landrover and have been experiencing issues with the transfer case; there is a high pitch whine while driving the car (particularly noticeable in 4th and 5th gear) and the most worrisome symptom is the sign of metal filings in the transfer case (the gear oil was silver with tiny...
  2. 2

    200 tdI gear transfer problem.

    Hi I am having trouble with my 200 transfer box. I have noticed I have some how managed to snap the rod going from the transfer lever to the box. Any 1 know where I would be able to buy new ones. Thanks in advance.
  3. T

    defender 110 1998 will not go into diff lock?

    Hi I passed my driving test last winter and april this year my parents defender got back from getting a galvanized chassis. When off-roading one day i got stuck and went for the diff lock which moved over but would not engage :( the light does not come on on the dash ether. my parents said they...
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    Why is my Series 3 jumping out of high range?

    Hi. I have just completely re-built the main gearbox on my series three. It all works fine apart from when i was testing it today it kept on jumping out of high range. Any ideas? If someone says the gear box will have to come out again there will be a bloke crying in somerset. i.e. me! Thanks
  5. D

    Transfer box problems

    Hi there, I have a 1993 Disco 1 transfer box which has developed a problem. Basicly I drive the car in 2wd all the time because when I select 4wd the car jumps and bangs even at 2mph. I have been told that it jumps because he back diff is different to the front diff. The main problem I am...
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