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  1. H

    No drive help

    Hi all first post here recently lost all drive while off road it was just after engaging the diff lock under the car for the first time ( was very stuck) felt like I was either I only getting 2wd or just lacking power but it is possible that was just in my head and it was just slipping in all...
  2. Z

    transf safe mode issues

    Hi, i wonder if someone can advise please. i have a 2006 l322 v6. i get the trans safe mode display come up. most of the time it does not effect the performance of the car, but sometimes the sign displays and the car shudders, as if for a split second it loses power or as if it is missing, this...
  3. Richie_asg1

    Why do Land Rover transmission units fail?

    Found a short piece on Youtube from Ashcroft Transmissions giving common reasons & thought is was worth a look if you hadn't seen it before - LINK I would quite like to see more of this type of "ask the expert" style reporting from people who know their stuff, explaining why things fail.
  4. J

    Clutch/gearbox problem and break fluid lead!

    Hi I have two potential problems with my Series 3 1972 88" Land Rover! 1. My clutch went, so my local garage fitted a new Borg and Beck (Good un apparently!) - it's working now great 98% of the time. But just very occasionally I get the odd grinding noise! I took it back to the garage but then...
  5. T

    Rubbing noise under load Defender TD5

    Hi guys, I recently bought a 2001 Defender TD5 and am only just getting to grips with it all but am finding the forum really useful. Is is my first landy. I have a problem which I hope you might be able to help me on... In 4th and 5th gear between speeds of 30-35mph and mostly when I am...
  6. V

    D4 SDV6 3.0 Juddering when accelerating in 5th gear being worse when driving uphill

    Hi there, I've just joined the forum. I've had a Disco 4 for almost exactly 2 years now and 39000 km without any problem. But a few months ago I noticed a fairly strong vibration in 5th gear that is stronger when driving uphill. It only happens in 5th and ONLY between 1000 and 1200 rpm. It...
  7. B

    Repair Guide GM 5L40-E Teardown

    I recently acquired a 'failed' GM 5L40-E transmission,which is used in the '02-'06MY 3.0 litre diesel models, so I thought I'd do a similar write-up for that transmission too. My particular transmission was reported as having lost reverse gear. It should be said that the 5L40-E transmission is...
  8. R

    Transfer box and diff lock guidance needed???

    Please help! I have a defender 90 200 TDI, LT77 Gearbox and LT230 transfer box. 3rd gear couldn't be selected so I did a straight exchange through Ashcroft Transmissions, but something doesn't seem right. I've left the prop shafts disconnected to help me understand what's going on. Here's the...

    transmission noise + vibration

    I have develped a squeaking noise coming from the transmission under slight load. I have a 4.6 P38 1998 (R plate) It sounds like tweeting birds, (digga-digga-digga-digga) like a dry bearing. It's not all that loud - It seems to be most noticable at about 30 MPH, and I don't think it is engine...
  10. I

    Discovery 1 (96) transmission tunel

    Does anyone out there know of a method of making the transmission tunnel on a disco removable , similar to a Defender ? (is it ok for an MOT to modify the floorpan ?) Regards, Ian.
  11. gpw7

    Bent Diff flange

    HI, Received a recon rear Diff for my 110 yesterday from Ashcroft Transmissions - all looked good until I came to connect the prop, one corner of the flange is bent :( making the bolt go through at an angle - managed to tighten it up and squeeze the gap down to less than 5mm, question is...
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