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turbo boost

  1. D

    300tdi Boost Leak when its up to temperature

    Hi all, i would like some advice please. I've got a problem with my 300tdi leaking boost when its up to normal temperature. When the engine is cold it pulls fine and no issues but when it gets up to temperature there's a whistle, loss of power and black smoke when its at about 2500 rpm. I've...
  2. amun1000

    Wisping noise

    Hi We have a 05 TD4 Freelander and all of a sudden the engine is making a wisping noise when accelerating - i gather this is turbo related - does it indicate impending failure or just blocked/broke pipes? I've noticed when accelerating the power drops off a little if the accelerator is...
  3. A

    94/95 Defender 300Tdi differences to 97 Discovery 300Tdi

    I have looked at other posts regarding this topic but none seem to help my situation. My 94/95 Defender turbo failed in spectacular fashion blowing the cylinder head just for good measure(230,000 miles so can't complain). :) I picked up a 97 Discovery engine (110,000 miles) and and it swapped...
  4. Swingletree

    I'm a bit stumped now.

    I was on a dual carriageway the other day doing 60-65 MPH in my 110 300Tdi, suddenly I had a complete loss of power, engine still running, lots of smoke from the exhaust. toppa very kindly towed me home and since then I have........ Fitted a new timing belt, all sprockets aligned, all correct...
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