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turbo problems

  1. D

    300tdi Boost Leak when its up to temperature

    Hi all, i would like some advice please. I've got a problem with my 300tdi leaking boost when its up to normal temperature. When the engine is cold it pulls fine and no issues but when it gets up to temperature there's a whistle, loss of power and black smoke when its at about 2500 rpm. I've...
  2. H

    Defender TD5 oil in intercooler

    Just removed my intercooler as it has 2 cracks in it. When taking off the hoses both sides were coated with oil, and the lower hose had a small pool of oil inside. Is this normal or does this indicate a failure with the turbocharger? I videoed the car idling and with the turbo spinning up...
  3. J

    screaming turbo, help!

    Please help! my 1998 Discovery 300 TDI started screaming on the accelerate over 2000 revs, sounds like high pitched garden strimmer. Have got a turbo even though I can't find any obvious problems with the existing one yet. If it is the turbo will it damage the engine to run it?
  4. A

    Landrover 110 won't rev under load

    Hi all, new to forum and my land rover 110 county :). The problem started today, topped up fuel, approximately 15 litres. Had been driving for about 10 miles up to this point. Pulled out of garage and would only short rev, not enough to allow turbo to cut in, will go up through all gears and...
  5. A

    94/95 Defender 300Tdi differences to 97 Discovery 300Tdi

    I have looked at other posts regarding this topic but none seem to help my situation. My 94/95 Defender turbo failed in spectacular fashion blowing the cylinder head just for good measure(230,000 miles so can't complain). :) I picked up a 97 Discovery engine (110,000 miles) and and it swapped...
  6. L

    200 tdi james edwards

    my 1993 discovery james edwards 200 tdi turbo is stuck on closed i was wondering is the turbo easy to take out and clean as i am a level 2 mechanic but never worked on any 4x4just small cars
  7. R

    LR Defender 300tdi Turbo Problem...

    Hey Guys, I just bought a Defender 300tdi a few months ago and it sure is one of the best vehicles i have ever driven... Anyways, I have a problem with my turbo and was hoping whether anyone could help.. My turbo has a pretty loud whistle compared to other defenders i have heard, and every...
  8. P

    Lack of top end power

    Hi All Newbie needs advice! I've recently bought a TD5 110 with 100k on the clock (full service history). All good, except on the way home from buying it it overheated and left me on the side of the motorway. Head gasket. Gutted. :eek: Local specialist replaced head gasket, skimmed head...
  9. Q

    How Do I? 1986 Defender Turbo Problems

    Hi All Landy Lovers. My turbo was making nasty noises and leaking oil, so I got a replacement bearing kit from turbospares on e-bay and replaced the impellor and turbine wheel and shaft at the same time, as they had become damaged - this stopped the excessive oil consumption but the noises...
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