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  1. D

    300tdi Boost Leak when its up to temperature

    Hi all, i would like some advice please. I've got a problem with my 300tdi leaking boost when its up to normal temperature. When the engine is cold it pulls fine and no issues but when it gets up to temperature there's a whistle, loss of power and black smoke when its at about 2500 rpm. I've...
  2. A

    Freelander 2 2,2 2014 automatic

    Hello, First, be sorry for me English I have a freelander 2 2.2 TD4 2014 automatic and a turbo problem, at 2000 rpm turbo a little bit loses power and releases the sound that is captured on the video, I checked the plastic hose on the sate turbine, it's ok, but at a more rampant start do not...
  3. amun1000

    Wisping noise

    Hi We have a 05 TD4 Freelander and all of a sudden the engine is making a wisping noise when accelerating - i gather this is turbo related - does it indicate impending failure or just blocked/broke pipes? I've noticed when accelerating the power drops off a little if the accelerator is...
  4. W

    Turbo Disaster

    Ok so a bit of background.. I got a tidy TD4, new shape freelander1 about 4 months back from a garage, quite high miles, but in great shape body wise. Had been running well upto about 1 month ago, when I noticed a little lag around 40-50mph & a bit of smoke, nothing serious, so though I'd do a...
  5. S

    2002 Discovery Auto Turbo problem.

    My Discovery has served me well 202500 miles on the same engine etc. Recently developed a 'screaming' sound which I'm told by my Spanish garage is a turbo problem. Cost to replace is over £1000 which is more than the car's worth. Still runs well and screaming sound disappears after 5-10 minutes...
  6. J

    Expired Freelander TD4 Turbo Hose

    Hi, I've got a never-been-used turbo hose for sale. Part number: PNH500190G This is the part: http://britishparts.co.uk/products/9408-hose-turbo-PNH500190G This is the later version that supersedes the ones that used to perish. Would take £30 plus postage? Cheers :)
  7. mazzofab

    200/300 Tdi turbo replacement

    I need to replace the turbo on my 200tdi Defender. Is here any replacement that will be a straight fit int? What options do I have, maybe by buying a replacement from a scrap yard? Also, I have the same problem with a 300 tdi so same questions apply. Thanks and regards to all!
  8. C

    Disco 2 Turbo Oil Feed Question

    I have fitted a new turbo to my Disco 2 TD5 and would like to prove the oil feed to it is working. How can I crank the engine without starting it? I would like to see oil coming out of the feed as the engine is cranked but not start the engine with the feed disconnected. I have tried removing...
  9. V

    Running out of steam

    Just returned from touring with the caravan (1.6T all up) and the Disco (S2 2003 Auto) appears to have developed a power problem somewhere along the way. It's happy to zip along the straight and level at 60mph with a bit in reserve for overtaking but has nothing left to cope with gradients...
  10. D

    FREELANDER 1 AUTO TD4 no power on uphill climbs

    This is my first post and I have had some fun trying to sort out my auto TD4 performance issues. I have just replaced the MAF sensor with a Meat&Doria part to replace the original Bosch sensor (F 00C 2G2 029). Car is running a lot better than before when it would hesitate on take off and...
  11. J

    Smoke from turbo housing and loss of power

    HI all, 2006 Freelander 1 TD4, 134,000 miles, loss of power, smoke on throttle on, and smoke from between the two halves on the turbo. Clutching at straws perhaps but is there anything but the turbo that could be leaking there as you can see sod all and cant quite see where the smoke is coming...
  12. C

    Turbo screaming

    Hi to all, Vehicle is Defender 200Tdi - engines I think in good condition, uses no oil or water, starts well, no smoke etc. I recently discovered that the rubber pipe connecting the turbo to the metal tube going to the intercooler was split. I taped it up pending arrival of new pipe. On...
  13. farmerfred123

    Turbo Problems in Africa - HELP!

    So, I'm currently coming to the end of an overland trip from London to Cape Town in a 110 300tdi. It must be said we've had our fair share of problems along the way - not helped by some rather dubious Ethiopian mechanics. Anyway, turbo started making squeeling when under load in Ethiopia...
  14. series3mad

    200tdi t28 turbo upgrade

    I've seen many people mention the the fitment of a garrett t28 turbo to their 200tdi, but here at so many different turbo a/r 's, turbine and compressor sizes. so which one/s are the best for low speed, cruising and flat out operations?
  15. D

    1992 Discovery TDI Turbine problem

    Hi The Background. In this last year I have moved to France with the family and we took our trusty Discovery with us that has transported us our dogs and cats all over the place. It is a car that has given us a few (normally expensive) problems but on the whole just goes on and on. However...
  16. aclarke

    Diagnosing a whining noise

    A couple months ago, I had my 200tdi turbo rebuilt. I had a turbo specialist do the actual rebuild, but I used a new shop I hadn't used before to remove and refit the turbo. The shop didn't think it necessary to test drive the car after fitting the turbo, and after picking up the vehicle, I...
  17. R

    LR Defender 300tdi Turbo Problem...

    Hey Guys, I just bought a Defender 300tdi a few months ago and it sure is one of the best vehicles i have ever driven... Anyways, I have a problem with my turbo and was hoping whether anyone could help.. My turbo has a pretty loud whistle compared to other defenders i have heard, and every...
  18. R

    Discover TDI 300

    Hi All, i have just noticed that i have a hissing sound coming from the turbo side, the sound is only heard when the engine is under torque and over 3k rpm, any ideas, the turbo hoses are perfect no damage, the exhaust pipe is not punctured, the hissing sound is only heard when the engine is...
  19. R

    No power from my TD6 RR Vogue 2003.

    Hello to all, My RR has been loosing power. The pipes from the Turbo to inter cooler n to EGR valve have been collapsing, checked for blockages. Intercooler fine, the pipes are newish. Checked turbo, no unhealthy noises, no play or broken bits, actuator working. Cleaned up EGR valve, mass air...
  20. J

    To chip or not to chip (the turbo)?

    Hi, Got a face-lift Freelander TD4. It's pulling a 4 berth caravan and it's for the most part effortless but hills do present a problem if they go on for too long. Would 'chipping' it be any help? I'm hearing 50% increases in torque and HP. Any owners out there to verify? It's got...
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