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  1. F

    Wheel and tyre sizes

    Hi. I have a freelander 2 (2011) it currently has 245/65/r17 tyres on it. I want to get some winter tyres and spare wheels as I am going to Europe. Winter tyres in a smaller size are about £50 less per tyre, so I was wondering if I could put 16” wheels on it with 215/75/r16 tyres on it without...
  2. N

    Michelin Latitude Cross 235/85 vs 7.50/r16

    Does anyone have a photo or two of the Michelin Latitude Cross tyre in 235/85r16 on their defender? It's more common in 7.50/r16 on a Defender of course, but the wider 235 is £25 a tyre cheaper. I'm putting them on wolf rim so the extra width is not a problem, just curious as to what they...
  3. B

    Correct Tyre Sizes - Disco4 HSE

    Hello - I bought a 2010 Disco4 HSE which as all 4 tyres sized at 275/45R20 I recently took the car into Land Rover for some other work and they told me that all 4 tyres were incorrectly sized and needed to be changed. I haven't done this as it's a sizeable cost to do all 4 particularly when...
  4. P

    A Question asked many times, looking for nice quiet road tyres for a 90 Pickup Td5

    Done a forum search on quiet road tyres and didn't get much specific, I have a 90 Defender Td5 pick up, road use, any off road use is no worse than your average family saloon could cope with so I'm looking for personal experience here guys please with the quietest road tyre you've come across...
  5. J

    Expired x5 Range Rover Style 5 Alloy Wheels+Continentals (Possible Defender mod)

    X4 Genuine Part "Style 5" Range Rover Alloy Wheels X1 Brand new Genuine Part Spare Alloy Wheel. X4 Tyres: Continental Cross Contact UHP 255/50/R19 I bought these from http://www.sixonetwo.co.uk/ last year as I was going to build a clone of the IRB Developments Flagship 90 "Ben 10" The wheels...
  6. boddamese

    255/85 tyres other than mud terrain type

    Sorry if this has been covered sometime recently, the forum won't let me search by numbers like "255"? Anyone come across 255/85R16 size tyres that are not mud terrain types? i.e. all terrains or similar? I was hoping to go to this size but I don't want full-on mud tyres. Can't seem to find...
  7. W

    New tyres please!

    My 2001 D2 TD5 came with Goodyear Wrangler 255 55 18s fitted. I've always replaced them with the same tyres but now they seem discontinued. What to replace them with? I'm looking for an all year round, not really off road much, good in the wet tyre. Searching here I see lots of people like the...
  8. J

    Discovery TDI 1998 model. Alloy wheels & brand new tyres for sale (4) £200 the lot

    I have spare alloy wheels from my TDI Discovery. Four wheels with almost brand new tyres. All up to pressure and balanced to be fitted. I live in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire and you can collect them or I can deliver within a reasonable radius. Selling all four for £200. Previously advertised them...
  9. Discog

    AT tyres

    OK I know there are loads of threads on this but most that I've found are a bit old.... so.... The AT's on the Disco are getting a bit old. Toyo Open Country AT's, to be honest I was a bit sceptical when they went on (2005!!) but they've stood the test of time and taken everything I've thrown...
  10. P

    wheel/tyre combo

    hi all, just wondering what the maximum tyre size i can get on a wolf rim? the reason why i ask is that 285/75r16 bfg all terrains are cheaper than 265/75r16 and i wouldnt mind a tad more sidewall height/ground clearence. also how would this affect the turning circle on a 110? iv seen a 110 on...
  11. dave medlyn

    tyre mail order

    hi guys, firstly, a few weeks ago i posted a question about my clutch failure. just to update you all on the outcome..... one of the springs from the clutch plate came out of it's position and jammed in between the flywheel and the clutch plate, restricting the movement of it. its all better...
  12. 9

    few questions head gaskets and tyres?!?

    hi guys back on here again having had no internet for ages. just have couple questions. has anyone had experience with a cheap head gasket? i did mine on my 300tdi disco last year and opted (maybe stupidly) for a cheaper gasket and now some of the same dreaded symtoms have started to appear...
  13. Sim

    Tire advice

    Hi All Has anybody got any views on General Grabber UHP tyres, Currently I have got Goodyears on my Disco 2 but they are starting to wear. I used to have Pirelli Scorpions on my Disco 300Tdi but they are eye wateringly expensive in the 255 55 R18s size I need for the D2. Black circles are doing...
  14. JDD1978

    (Fairly) urgent tyre query

    I have a Freelander 1 (Facelift). Currently it is running Marshal Roadventure tyres, but these were fitted when I bought the car, and I haven't had it long. The wheel size is 17" and the tyres fitted are 225/55/17s. Do I have to stick with this size or can I increase the width and depth of...
  15. S

    7.50R16 on Defender allows?

    The General Grabbers fitted to our 2003 TD5 Defender are well past their "best before" date. I have been offered a possible set of Michelin 7.50R16 tyres. Dumb question, but will these go on the standard Defender alloys OK? Anything I should be aware of? I kind of like the look of those...
  16. S

    bigest sized wheels that will fit a freelander one

    Hi all before I change my tyres I am keeping the 15inch alloys what are the biggest tyres that will fit on the freelander on 15inch wheels.
  17. Bigbananafeet

    Wheel tyre deals?

    Hi all, My landy 110 TD5 (Daphne) doesnt have two tyres the same and some are pretty worn. Been looking at wheel tyre packages. Anybody know if these will fit without modifying my road speed much or rubbing on full lock etc? Sandy
  18. T

    Need a bit of advice about my landy wheels please!

    I'm looking to upgrade my landy 3 series wheels to wide profiles. I would like some steel rims, nothing fancy, just a wider profile so that I can handle the sahara sands better this year. I don't know where to start. What kind of budget should I have? What is a good make? Could I get them second...
  19. nickyc86

    265 75 16 insaturbo Sahara or Special Tracks

    Looking to upgrade my 235 70 16 dakars to some bigger 265 75 16 sahara or special tracks , have a 2" lift "brake lines + Bumpstops" winch bumper ect on 300tdi d1, Does any body else have the 265 special tracks fitted are they a easy enough fit i.e just camel cut or is more chopping required...
  20. B

    Freelander 2005 TD4 - 18" TYRES HELP REQUIRED

    Hi All, I've a Freelander 2005 TD4 sport with 18" alloys. Need 2 new tyres without paying £160/180 for one (have a reasonably new pair of accelera on the rear). I've got a continental on the spare. Anyone have any ideas which tyres I should choose? Don't do much off roading but do have a wife...
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