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  1. J

    Freelander 1: Convert back to 4WD?

    Morning gents, I've just purchased a Freelander 1. Its a 2002, TD4 Manual with 74,000 miles on the clock. It has very recently been converted to 2WD - apparently to improve fuel economy (although I've been told the difference is negligible - any thoughts?) and I'm wondering whether to convert...
  2. E

    Strange shudder turning sharp right after vcu change - help !

    Hi Recently renewed the vcu and the bearings on the propshaft of my freelander. Now when I turn sharp right at a roundabout I can hear I rattle or shudder coming from beneath the vehicle. First thought was that the exhaust was rattling but pretty sure I've ruled that out. Now am wondering if the...
  3. H

    Clutch or Gears -- Gears not engaging

    I have a 2005 Freelander but its off the road now last Saturday approaching the busy A40 Target roundabout in the process of changing gears from 5th I suddenly realised the gears were not engaging. Was in a panic for a second then just suddenly calmed and started looking at my options baring in...
  4. P

    Freelander Prop/VCU??

    Help please! I purchased a 1.8 Petrol Freelander a couple of months ago and it has had all the normal problems of knackered sunroof, TC yellow lights etc however I now have a new problem. I was recovered to a local garage last night by the RAC as there was all of a sudden a very loud banging...
  5. Lovel

    VCU Viscous Coupling Readings TD4 Manual MY2001

    After trawling through endless threads on various sites and finding not a lot tbh but argument after argument. I thought I would post these facts. BTW, the viscous coupling was the original factory fit in 2001. With one rear wheel jacked up of the ground. a torque wrench, 32mm socket, and...
  6. M

    Thump thump thump thump when cornering, vcu gone?

    Hi guys, Recently i have been getting a thumping noise comming from the centre of the car when I turn, not always on full lock either, the car isnt skipping on full lock either just the noise. Is this my vcu goosed? or the IRD? if it is only the vcu is it possible to replace it before it...
  7. Chaser

    Beware of IRD Specialists.

    Anyone looking for a replacement IRD or IRD parts for their freelander should beware of this company http://freelanderirdspecialists.com It appears that they have lots of unhappy customers, both in the UK and abroad, trying resolve ongoing problems and/or receive refunds from them. Their phone...
  8. efenevy


    The Freebie couldn't find anything else to go wrong last week so decided that the window switch would go faulty......when it was raining and the window was down of course. Out with the trusty leatherman to change over the switches and it grudgingly worked. The rear diff mount and the two VCU...
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