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water pump

  1. W

    freelander over heating problem plz help

    my freelander 1.8 petrol 2001 over heats and i really don't know what could be the problem, the radiator is working fine, and also the fan and the thermostat, i don't think is a head gasket because the oil looks alright with no contamination and there is no steam coming from the exhaust im...
  2. S

    had a bad week!!

    First off my Universal joint leading to rear diff went on me and replaced it.The same night it over heated so took faulty thermostat out and changed it few days later and did new belt and waterpump due to that on its way. Then Sunday my alternator ceased so changed and put new battery on. Only...
  3. D

    4.2 V8 Water Pump Dimensions - Can anyone help please?

    Hi - I wondered if anyone could help me by measuring the dimension of their water pump for me? I have a Defender V8 EFI conversion. When I last came around to fixing the water pump, I found I had the 3.5 water pump unit fitted to the 4.2engine. This is ok, as the alternator belt ran correctly...
  4. W

    S3 2.25 Diesel - leak fix or source for new one - Info appreciated please

    Greetings. I've spent about four years rebuilding the 2.25 engine - very much part time. The engine started at the third squirt of juice, the two before just to feed the injectors. A satisfactory result. But, the water pump that never leaked now has a very fast drip from the hole in the...
  5. G

    1991 Range Rover Will Not Turnover

    I recently purchased a 91 Range Rover, which needed a new water pump based on a visit to the local LR dealer. I was able to start and drive the the vehicle for short distances adding water as needed. I changed the water pump, thermostat, upper and lower hoses without issue. I also changed the...
  6. Big Sandy

    2.25 Diesel Engine Water Pump Replacement

    The most common cause for failure of the water pump fitted to the ubiquitous 2.25l Land Rover engine is over tightening the alternator/fan belt. You may not notice much of a leak at first; quite often the leak starts out small, dripping from the bottom of the pump as the engine cools. It will...
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