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  1. R

    General Expansion Tank kick back

    Hi all, Not ideally the first post was wanting to make but, we are here now! Wondering if some of your expertise and experience could help me in a matter and give me some advice on some possible solutions. Getting mixed feedback from local sources and the possibilities it could be. I'm looking...
  2. Y

    Wet Speaker

    Hi Guys For the past few months rain has been getting inside my 52 L322 4.4 through the rear offside door and making the carpet wet. Today I finally investigated and based on my testing I am quite confident I know how the rain is getting in. I have one question that will either confirm what I...
  3. I

    AUX fender tank measurements?

    Hello all, I know there are a number of vendors who produce aux tanks that fit into both rear fender of the Defender 90 and 110. I'm sure they are a great value to many, but I would like to manufacture my own. I'm sure they will be far from perfect, but a whole lot cheaper. Problem is I don't...
  4. M

    Bypassing IRD Cooler?

    One of my Freelanders has a water leak from the IRD cooler. Is it possible to bypass this without causing any damage? I've heard to replace the cooler, the IRD needs removed but I haven't time at the moment to do this.
  5. barondeblot

    Hammerite Paint - permitted or sacrilege on a Discovery 1

    Having tackled the tailgate lock to replace the broken spring responsible for the limp latch I wanted to find out what the Discovery community is thinking about the use of Hammerite on non-visible parts? Following an enormous struggle to get the tailgate lock assembly out of the very tight...
  6. L

    Disco II Water on Floor

    I have a '03 Disco II. My front carpet is soaked with water. I unclogged the heater drain nipples from under the truck and cleaned out the drain tubes and thought that it was fixed but when I drove it again, the floors wet back to being wet. I can't find any leaks around the doors, windshield...
  7. S

    Water Ingress/Leak From Rear Roof Area????

    Gents, I have located my leak, It seems to be coming from a seam that is located under a rear trim panel. I have posted photos and numbered them in order. The last photo show where the water ends up in the fuse area. Any help or ideas of where the water could be getting it would be very...
  8. tonymjames

    Water in rear axle after wading

    Hi, did a bit of wading Sunday, (and got stuck!) water came into the cab. I have a Detroit Locker diff and on the way home it made more noise than usual. Drained the axle and there were 2 pints of grey gunge out of the filler before I drained 2 more via the drain plug. I am guessing it is...
  9. P

    300 tdi defender in water

    Whilst off roading crossed some water----engine started to die,immediatley switched off and was towed out by another landy.Removed and dried air filter,changed Eoil and filter and everything seemed OK for several days.Engine then suddenly lost all power and ran very hot.Local garage said turbo...
  10. tomtomtom

    How Do I? my range rover classic v8 cuts out in water

    every time i go through water in my range rover classic v8 efi it cuts out, i climbed into the engine bay to check it out everything is wet so i look at the air filter inside and the air sensor everything is dry and after about 20 to 30 mins of waiting it will start again and i can drive out but...
  11. mark lawton

    advice on a few niggles

    Hi, I have a 1994/5 300tdi Disco, had for over 2 years now and still love it. Have a few niggles and would like to tidy them up! First off, last year main gearbox shaft went, replaced gear and transfer box with one from a breakers (much lower mileage),added a new HD clutch. Runs great, bit...
  12. T

    Air Pressure at oil filler cap / Airlocks?

    Hello all, A couple of questions from a Newbie, please. I've just changed the water pump on my 97 300TDi Disco. After refilling coolant and bringing motor up to normal temperature I noticed that the top rad hose was not hot, and doesn't seem to be full of water. Filled as Haynes told me and am...
  13. Q

    Recurrent head gasket failure 300Tdi

    I have an M-reg, 1995m 300 Tdi, and in the last year I have a series of head problems. When it last failed in November, I tried to fix the root cause, so I changed the radaitor, water pump, theromostat and sensors, but it has just gone again. I caught it quickly and it did not overheat...
  14. Drowning 110 Land Rover

    Drowning 110 Land Rover

    A friends Land Rover was not as water tight as he had wished. The water hole behind the Buzzard pub in Salisbury plain.
  15. Drowning 110 Land Rover

    Drowning 110 Land Rover

    A friends Land Rover was not as water tight as he had wished. The water hole behind the Buzzard pub in Salisbury plain.
  16. Big Sandy

    2.25 Diesel Engine Water Pump Replacement

    The most common cause for failure of the water pump fitted to the ubiquitous 2.25l Land Rover engine is over tightening the alternator/fan belt. You may not notice much of a leak at first; quite often the leak starts out small, dripping from the bottom of the pump as the engine cools. It will...
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