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  1. Bryan

    MIG Welding

    I'm Malcolm Vardy. I bought my first welder in 1992 for the restoration of my 1959 MGA. I've since restored (and modified) an MGB, several Renault 4s, and an Aston Martin. I had a single day of welding training at college back in 1990, but mostly I learned to weld on the job. Since then I've...
  2. DeRangeRC

    The usual Classic problems....gave it a go!! (Heres the pics to prove it!)

    Hey all, So I am hoping its ok to post this here? Nearly a year on since I finished the work on my classic I finally got around to uploading some pics to my Blog site of the "highlights" of my first resto project. All the usual places had gone to brown and it had failed the MOT so with no...
  3. nickyc86

    Rocksliders from side steps

    Hello , i was thinkign about taking the grinder to the side steps and transforming them into rocksliders with built in jacking points , the steps have two bars which are attatched to the suspension outriggers. the basic plan was to cut the atcual step part of leaving the brackets attatched...
  4. Disco Richie

    Plastic Bumper Welding

    Following on from discussions of changing bumpers on the Disco 2 from pre face lift to after face lift, until I can arrange a mortgage to buy another bumper(!) has anyone sucessfully repaired their cracked lower bumper around the fog lights? I was thinking of warming a metal spatula and...
  5. P

    Chassis Welding

    Evening all, I'm planning some welding on my Freelander (the infamous rear drivers side subframe knock). Although Im confident as have done quite a lot of MIG welding, iv never welded on a car. Other than fire extinguishers, what should I consider? i.e disconnecting the battery...
  6. L

    How Do I? chassis welding

    Hi, Giving my chassis a good going over, there is a little bit of rot on the bottom of the chassis a 18" forward from the rear cross member. I managed to push with my thumb a hole about the size of a 10p. There is one similar sized hole in the rear cross member and one outrigger is a bit...
  7. DeRangeRC

    Front body mount replacement ?

    In true range rover fashion whilst doing one job i have now found another ....... During my last visit into the engine bay i found that the o/s front body mount (under drivers feet) has rotted almost completely through. After scouring the net i have been unable to find any straight forward...
  8. P

    How Do I? Is my Disco Dead? Please Help

    Hi there, I'm new, so apologies if I've posted in the wrong forum or anything, I'm trying to get a feel for the site, & hoping some of you may be able to help me with some advice. Took my Disco for it's MOT, It failed horribly, only got about half way through the test, before the tester ran...
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