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  1. J

    Show car

    I would like to make a freelander 1 show car.. I’m not looking for opinions on the car itself, I’m 17 years old and with the 1.8 kseries engine I can get insured on for as much as my sisters corsa. I saw the callaway show car and I fell in love I was just wondering what would the biggest wheel...
  2. R

    Expired KN Predator 8x17 wheel

    As title, I 'need' a KN Predator 8x17 wheel (or would consider a full set). As used to be sold by Craddocks. Thanks
  3. W

    Axle Alignment

    I have just notice that the right rear wheel sticks out further that the left, also it pulls slightly to the right. My Landrover is a 95' 300tdi. It doesn't make any nasty noises when cornering, the only thing it does do is make a metal on metal noise on the left rear wheel when I reverse out...
  4. boddamese

    Modular wheels - are they all the same make / quality?

    Looking around for some new wheels and tyres for my 110. The current 235/85s on Wolf / HD wheels are starting to perish a bit and the wheels need yet another repaint. I'm thinking of going 265/75r16 on white modulars. Are all the modular wheels from the likes of Paddocks, Craddock etc the...
  5. Satancom

    Upgrade Guide Mantec Swing Away Wheel Carrier

    Quick article showing how to fit a Mantec swing away wheel carrier All nuts and bolts are provided in the kit and it should take around 1-2 hours to install with some tea breaks and a few rusty bolts to undo. First you need to remove the old carrier. To do this remove the door card if fitted...
  6. R

    Spare wheel jammed on back of car

    Hi I am new to this posting threads. Roger is the name. I tried to remove the spare wheel off my Freelander T4 2004. There are three nuts holding it but the bottom one seems to have a rounded head (no hex anymore) for some reason. Any one got any ideas on how to get the thing off? Just want to...
  7. D

    How does my spare wheel mount on the bonnet??

    I recently bought a Series III 109, lovely machine!! but the spare wheel is rolling round in the back. it has a razor edge bonnet with a recess for the wheel. could somebody send a picture of how it should look when mounted properly? Im not even sure I have all the right bits! Any help would be...
  8. L

    Sticky Steering Wheel

    When my S3 has been standing for any length of time in wet weather, the surface of the steering wheel gets sticky - leaving black deposits over the driver's hands which are a bu99er to get off. After about 20 minutes of driving, it's smooth and dry again. Any ideas?
  9. R

    '95 discovery 1 vibration juddering (& a clunk)

    Hi all! I have just upgraded to a 95 300tdi ES. So far so good but today I noticed the following: 1. Heavy vibrating (shuddering/juddering) in 2nd (it's an auto) while accelerating and it struggles to change into 3rd. 2. The same (or very similar) vibration at around 2500 revs 65-70 mph. 3...
  10. thereisawizza

    Defender 110 spare wheel carreier for alloys..

    Morning all! Have a standard wheel carrier mounted on rear door. When using my winter wheels which are steel modulars, the wheel is reversed and fitted to carrier no problem. Now the summer is here (allegedly!) I need to mount the alloy but as it has to be fitted the correct way round it fouls...
  11. L

    How Do I? How do you adjust the Drag Link on a Discovery 1 200Tdi, K -reg?

    Hi all, I am a complete Noob so apologies for that - my steering wheel is not aligned with the wheels (i.e. steering wheel is to turned to the left when wheels are straight). I have read on the forum that this can be corrected by adjusting the drag link (if you have enough 'travel' left in...
  12. U

    Series Bonnet Spare Wheel Mounting Clamp - Size?

    Hiya I know that this has been covered before, but I'd just like to clarify something. I'm sure there are two sizes of "Z"-shaped bonnet clamp - one for SWB and one for LWB - am I correct? The clamps I have won't locate the wheel on my bonnet - the longer leg of the "Z" is too short (if you...
  13. U

    Series Bonnet Mount Spare Wheel Bolts

    Hiya I've just picked up a Series 2A Bonnet which I've cleaned up and fitted Series 3 Hinges to (see pic). Before: After: I've got the little Z-shaped clamps which hold the wheel in place, but I have no idea what size/type of bolts actually hold the clamps and spare wheel onto the...
  14. J

    clunking from near side reardiscovery 2

    HI all, I recently got this clunking from the reaer near side of my discovery. Going round corners, over bumps slowly or fast, even idle and shunting the vehicle from side to side gives this knocking noise. I'm guessing is a bushel or bearing of some description but don't have the experience...
  15. T

    Products Explained Jacks and Wheel Braces

    Some comments about jacking equipment and wheel braces. Jacks This is the 'normal' 2 and a half ton workshop trolly jack..... and since owning Landies, almost entirely un-used except to work on mates motors or the 'hack' I've always had alongside! Seen here its under the lowest bit of a...
  16. J

    How Do I? Steering wheel issues, Grrr

    Well Ive had my landy for nearly two weeks so Im a newbie, but this is probably the silliest question I have ever asked about a car, but here goes. The PO had put on a tiny steering wheel that looks like it is from a metro or a mini. He had hulk-like biceps and was rather pot-bellied and this...
  17. D

    How Do I? safety first

    Hi all just a quick post, i had a phone call from one of my freinds wives just now. he had his motor come off the jack last night, i dont know the full ins and outs of it, but it has crushed his lower leg. i think you are all sensable and do things correct ley when it comes to jacking your...
  18. ...did you put the wellies in ?

    ...did you put the wellies in ?

    Sold it for a Disco.
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