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  1. G

    Offering Wheel swap

    Hi guys. Hope you're all well. I'm new to the forum. Wanted to get your input on something I'm stuck with. I recently purchased a 2010 L322 Range Rover HSE 4.4 TDv8. It has land-rover OEM 275/40/r21 wheels. Unfortunately, I had a back injury and I'm going to he in rehab for a while. I find...
  2. cambs110

    Locking wheel bolts

    Hi all, picked up my landy today and I had already ordered some locking wheel nuts for it, however looking at them before opening, I just cant see the fitment is going to be any use at all because there is what looks like a fairly large grip point for lock pliers or somethin to get hold of. Are...
  3. J

    Discovery TDI 1998 model. Alloy wheels & brand new tyres for sale (4) £200 the lot

    I have spare alloy wheels from my TDI Discovery. Four wheels with almost brand new tyres. All up to pressure and balanced to be fitted. I live in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire and you can collect them or I can deliver within a reasonable radius. Selling all four for £200. Previously advertised them...
  4. P

    wheel/tyre combo

    hi all, just wondering what the maximum tyre size i can get on a wolf rim? the reason why i ask is that 285/75r16 bfg all terrains are cheaper than 265/75r16 and i wouldnt mind a tad more sidewall height/ground clearence. also how would this affect the turning circle on a 110? iv seen a 110 on...
  5. V8Leon

    will my wheels fit!!!!!

    I have a quick question, and I am sure someone will know the answer. I have a F reg v8 90 csw with drum brakes rear, I have been offered a set of Rangie axles front and rear originaly from a F reg range rover with disk brakes rear that have recently been removed from a defender 90. So no dramas...
  6. S

    bigest sized wheels that will fit a freelander one

    Hi all before I change my tyres I am keeping the 15inch alloys what are the biggest tyres that will fit on the freelander on 15inch wheels.
  7. F

    How Do I? front wheel alignment

    Hi..noticed the other day my front wheels are slightly pointing in different directions..by a small amount..is this the toe-in / toe-out bit and how can i change/adjust this..i have no manual so any help is cool. cheers, filski
  8. dumdums

    What wheels and tyres?

    I have an 1980 88 SWB with its original wheels. My question to anyone who may be able to help is: What wheels and tyres? What I am looking for is a wider wheel base and wider wheels. I don't want bigger (diameter) wheels, I just want to get the wheels sitting flush with the bodywork or...
  9. A

    Wheel shims

    Good Evening Has anyone had any experience with using shims to successfully fit pre 2001 alloys to a post 2001 Freelander? I have a cracking set of pre 2001 alloy rims I would like to use on my 2005 Commercial, there is enough clearance on the front (I appreciate my pads are probably...
  10. Jay 90

    New member with a specific request. Black mods on blue def 90 with white roof?

    Hi, I'm a new member, today in fact, and was wondering if anyone has any pics of their def 90 in blue with black mods fitted? Quite a specific request I know, but I'm wondering what they'll look like with the white roof... I'm not sure what the actual name of the colour is, it's that proper...
  11. Manatee

    Wheel suitability questions..?

    First post here, so please be kind... Apologies for what must be a common query but I can't find the answer by searching. I've acquired an SIII which has an assortment of wheels, but some spare modular wheels also came with it. The modulars all have oval stud holes, and I assume this is...
  12. D

    Disco 3 Replacement Wheels

    Hi I am a forum virgin, so be kind to me!! Does anyone know for sure, whether 18" alloys off a 2007 Range Rover Sport, will fit straight on to my 2009 Discovery 3? Trying to get answers out of Land Rover is impossible!! Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks Dodgergammon
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