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  1. M

    Series 1 88 Rewired but won’t fire

    Hi all, new to the forum and in need of some help/advice. Finally got myself an auto sparks wiring loom to replace the very DIY wiring I had. Everything is wired up as it should, lights, dash, wipers, horn etc. No problems there however it simply will not start, turns over freely no problem at...
  2. MostlyBaffled

    General Is it The Earth?!?! Electrical rear LH indicator, brake, license plate light plus fuel gauge

    Hi all, My 'current' fault (that's a pun) is quite something. I drive a 1989 110 CSW, except at night when I want to turn left, at which point it becomes a mobile disco for everyone following me. When I brake, the fuel gauge goes to zero. With the headlights on, when I indicate left, the...
  3. C

    300tdi ignition switch wiring

    Can I please get someone to confirm the wiring for the ignition switch, looks like what I have is wrong and need to correct it to: pos 1 white/red pos 2 brown pos 3 white pos 5 orange/white Thanks
  4. T

    300tsd with Td5 speedo going haywire!

    Ive got a Td5 instrument pack in my 300tdi defender and recently the speedo needle has been jumping all over the place (even when stationary) Has anyone any idea what would cause this? And how to fix it. Will upload a video soon. Thanks Tom
  5. D

    Disco II V8, dash in blackness and no side lights front and rear on drivers side

    Hi all Landy been behaving itself last while but few wee things have cropped up lately, plus MOT is up. Whilst awaiting track arm to come I thought I'd pursue a weird electrical issue that has reared its head. Noticed wee while ago that dash backlighting/illumination had stopped coming on...
  6. G

    Plastic Plug from 300Tdi

    Hi, I'm new to the forums so apologies if this is the wrong place... I'm after a bit of Land Rover knowledge and this seemed like the ideal place! I'm trying to find out any information on this plastic plug that we took from a 300Tdi, any info on where it fits, where I can source one etc...
  7. E

    Defender 2013 Plate Stereo Wiring diagram/Guide

    Hi, I need some help regarding fitting a stereo to my Dads defender. They all come pre wired as standard now but I need to know the pin diagrams and what colour is what to make sure everything matches up to the stereo harness I have purchased This is the stereo Harness I have on order to...
  8. T

    Expired Landrover Defender Parts, wiring harnesses, TDS winch parts, Interior trim

    Hi, having a shed tidy so here are some parts I have for sale. Wiring Cigarette wiring loom with connectors,Bulb and 1.5ishM of cable Discovery 1 front spot light Wiring loom with Connections Older style Dash plugs with 20cm of wire on them ( Snipped off a loom ) Wide type Indicator...
  9. TriumphDriver

    Freelander towbar wiring causing problems

    Hi y'all - back again with a problem with the wife's 2008 Freelander. I think (!) it's got a factory fitted towbar with the pair of black and white connectors - Ive looked at four other Freelanders and the towbar appears identical, so I'm presuming it's professionally fitted and not an...
  10. O

    Starter Solenoid wiring - 200 Di conversion into 109 S3

    I've installed a Disco 200 Di into my 1984 S3 109 (ex petrol). I have followed Richard Glencoyne's plan stage by stage, but am struggling with the wiring description. Am I right in keeping the S3 starter coil, which is mounted on the bulkhead, or do I remove it and take all the cables over to...
  11. R

    How Do I? Fix/ Replace Electrical wiring - what rating??

    OK - so I have what looks like a short somewhere around the ignition switch that is causing the solenoid to kick in and stall the engine. I am going to have a bash at fixing it, but my concern is I don't know what Ampage of cable is needed for replacing exisiting wires (if I need to). There...
  12. L

    General Freelander ISO Wiring Colours

    Hi Guys just replaced my original Landrover Radio Cassette player with a cheap CD MP3 Bluetooth one and had to rewire the harness to fit (too tight to by an adapter as the radio came with ISO leads) I thought this might help someone else to know where all the wires go. Plug A (ISO) Orange/Pink...
  13. Otley's Owner

    Heater fan question

    I currently have a two-speed heater fan motor; completely static or really, really fast! To clarify, the motor doesn't spin on the first switch position, but when I flick the switch all the way down the motor springs into life and spins at max speed. In trying to find the fault I found a rod...
  14. Malcolm Tent

    Wiper Terminal 53e

    Has anyone fitted one of the Velleman intermitttent wiper kits? I got one from Maplins and soldered it together with no problems. However, the instructions on installation are somewhat vague (or am I?). Last night I spent hours searching the net for some clue as to where I could find terminal...
  15. I


    Hi guys, Im hoping someone can give me a little advice on a couple of things. I have a late 2003 facelifted TD4 SE Freelander. Firstly it seems a wire has come loose from the speaker in the drivers side door, is this going to be a pain to sort out? Now whilst deciding to fix this...
  16. F

    Help needed with l322 headlights

    Hi all, I have just purchased 2nd hand L322 Headlights and front end for my P38, but silly me didnt take off the headlight covers to see the inside of the lights... basically, the people who did this guy's conversion have butchered pretty much all of the wiring inside the lights. What I need...
  17. dumdums

    kenlowe fan wiring

    I have just installed the fan and need to now complete the wiring. I understand the diagram and how the thing is powered, however where is the best place and where am I supposed to wire it in? What I mean by this is: 1. The diagram shows power coming straight from the battery with a...
  18. P

    Electrics - Headlights

    Hi, recently a wire burntout in mu landy which powers the headlights, since then i have replace the burntout wire, replaced the indicator stalk. The horn and indicator are working fine, but the headlights dont work. I have two spots on the front which work, i have noticed on the dash that the...
  19. T

    How Do I? Intermttent inicator fault on 1997 defender 300Tdi

    I am a new Land Rover owner and this is my first post so apologies if its a bit basic (or been covered before)... The driver's side rear indicator on my 1997 defender 90 300Tdi has an intermittent fault. I have unscrewed it to do a "wiggle test" and it looks as though the connection between...
  20. a1mac

    Fitting New Stereo In 90

    Good day, I'm 16 years of age and will be driving in August, and my dad's given me his Land Rover 90, 1988. As you may be aware, it does not come with any stereo fittings/wiring. I'm wondering, how do my dad and I sort it out in order for us to be able to fit an aftermarket Kenwood KDC-4021...
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