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wont start

  1. MBessent

    Series 2a Diesel Won't Start

    Hello, I've been scratching my head over this for a week or so now. I recently got a 1969 Series 2a 109 Station Wagon, she needs plenty of work to get back to good condition but the chassis is good and most of the bodywork is in decent condition. It was a diesel from the factory, but at some...
  2. Z

    Santana PS-10 Midlands Repairer

    Does anyone know of a decent Garage / Mechanic with experience of the Santana PS-10 ? Currently, I have a 2007 PS-10 2.8d great condition but unfortunately it won't start, after it cut out on the Motorway. Fuel pump changed but it still won't start. High Pressure Pump, Injectors and Crank Senors...
  3. F

    3.5 EFI Rangie starter not working

    I have a 1987 3.5 EFI Range Rover Classic Auto that wont start. Turn the key & nothing happens - starter doesn't make a noise. I jumped power onto solenoid & it spun straight over, that at least got the wife home last night. The fuel pump is pumping when key is turned to start. Today I have...
  4. L

    Wont start, when cranking three chimes are heard

    We have a 2004 landrover discovery ii and went out to warm up the car last night and it wouldn't start. Not a battery problem because it cranks but it is chimeing three times as it cranks and the service engine light comes on. Any help would be appreciated as i just spent $2500 a month ago for...
  5. S

    Land Rover 90 200 Tdi Wont Start?

    Hi, I have recently bought a Land Rover 90 1990 with a 200 Tdi fitted. It was starting and running okay. Then the battery ran down, it wouldnt start only click. This was always a battery fault and would start off a jump. I was doing this one day until it suddenly went dead. No clicking noise...
  6. E

    HELP! Hole in fuel hose from unit injectors, now wont start!

    Hi Hope someone can help me, i live in ecuador and the mecanics here are useless. and so i am i when it comes to fixings cars i have a defender 2002 TD5 I had a split in a hose line that seems to be coming from the "Unit Injectors" and connects to the "fuel pressure regulator"...
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