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  1. boddamese

    Zenith 361V carb rebuild or shiny new (copy) part?

    I'm just about loosing my rag with my 2 1/4 88" over this carb problem. The old Weber was leaking fuel into the inlet and generally running rough despite being only 2 years old and having regular fuel filter changes. I junked it for a second hand Zenith from e-bay and a rebuild kit. The...
  2. CakeBandit

    Zenith question

    Been having some problems with the Zenith carb on my 2.25L. The carb is only a year old. Today I pulled it off and checked the float and needle, blew some air around, checked it for warping and put new gaskets on the intake manifold and bottom of carb, tighten all the screws/ bolts in the...
  3. Adler

    Jet sizes for a Zenith / 2.5 petrol

    Any experience out there as regards best jet sizes for a 2.5 conversion? I have installed a 1989 2.5 LR petrol engine with the manifold and Zenith carb from the 2.25, plus a sports exhaust. Current jets are as per the 2.25 set-up. Apart from dizzy issues (separate thread running) she's running...
  4. S

    Zenith volume control screw & ventilation screw

    Hi fellows, I am rebuilding a later type Zenith 36IV "4085" (spring under the volume control screw) carburetter which is in good shape. I have lapped the surfaces, replaced the diaphragm, needle and gaskets. However, there are couple things where I need advice. + The volume control screw has...
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