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109 mudflaps


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Hi everyone.

I need some detailed photos of the mudflap brackets in situ on a 109 (front and rear). I also need the brackets too, so if anyone can help...;)
I don't have photos but the rear ones on my 88 are just made from 3/4 inch angle iron bolted to the underside of the sloping bit of the rear crossmember with the mudflap sandwiched between that and a piece of flat 3/4 inch bar. They're both painted black to match the crossmember but could easily be galvanised.

I don't have front ones fitted as I had a side exit exhaust originally that got in the way but now that's gone I'll eventually fit front ones too. The intention there is to fabricate something that will stop the water hitting the footwells and hopefully protect them a bit.
That's for 88s only - the 109 has a much greater gap between the rear wheel and the crossmember, so uses brackets that bolt to the bottom edge of the rear wing and the chassis main rail. I used to have a set many years ago, but they were so damaged that they had to be thrown out.

I can't imagine any differences in the front mudflaps on 88s or 109s as that part of the vehicle is the same across models.

Anyway, I'm still after photos of both ends, please.:)
I've just taken some (muddy) pix of mine. Although did try to scrape the mud off.

These brackets are as they came out of the factory on my 109 Santana. From memory these are exactly the same as came out of the factory on my 109.

Pix may be in two or three goes. 1, 2, 3 are the rear. 4 is the front panel that you need. 5&6 are views of front. 7 is rear mudflap..8 is SIII front panel where you need to bolt plate to. I took mine off when I rebuilt it as they were rotten.


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and the other four pix 5-8
if you want more detail or info, let me know - Adrian


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Thanks Adrian. Interesting photos. Unfortunately, they just highligh how different some aspects of the Sanatna are. It looks like your rear mudflaps are bracketed to the rear crosmember like 88"s. The front mudshields and mudguards are very different from LR SIII.:( Thanks very much for the effort, though!
Sorry the photos weren't much use, mate. When I lay underneath the Series III Land Rover and the Series III Santana Land Rover, I have to say, they looked pretty similar to me. They both have a 109 chassis.

You are right, some things are different between the two, parabolic springs being one of the classics, power steering another, disc brakes. But many of the components are the same, particularly the small ones. If you have a copy of the Parts Catalogue for LR S IIA, III, 109V8 Optional Equipment, there are sufficient diagrams of brackets and mud flaps. If you can't buy them, ie if no longer available, the diagrams are good enough to be able to make them yourself, as Fergie said earlier. Angle iron is always useful. Or what about Blanchard? Should have some in the store, I would have thought.

I realise my pix confused you but as far as I could see the fittings all looked the same. I will have another look tomorrow on both vehicles to see if I can shed any light on this. Interested to see you think the front ones are so different on the Santana to the SIII mudguards. The ones I used to have on the SIII looked the same as the ones now on the Santana - age difference perhaps? My SIII is 1974. Adrian
Hi mate, if this is a pic of the bracket's that hold the rear mudflaps on stage1 109, like what you say they are bolted to the chassis and the rear wing.
Hope this is of some help:)


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The rear brackets pictured are stock.

The front bracket pictured as I recall came form Rover Orphanage. Had to mount them a bit forward than I would like in order to clear the exhaust on the 6/cyl.



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My rears are different again! They havent been fitted since I painted my truch but they hanging around somewhere. Ill take a pic tommorow if its light enough!

Mine were fitted to it when I got them, not sure if they are stock!
Thanks everyone! The V8 type are generally the same as the 2.25/2.6, except for lacking the exhaust hole on the left bracket.

I have a post in the wanted section, and there may be some front brackets about to hit daylight, if I'm lucky, but I'm still trying to source the rears. If anyone can help, I'd rather give the money to a forum member - otherwise I'll get in touch with Blanchard's or Orphanage.

Dave - she's looking beautiful!
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